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$3,014 Raised

Goal: $3,000


$3,003 Raised

Goal: $3,000


$3,439 Raised

Goal: $3,000

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Our Spring Fundraiser goal has now been met! The $9000 raised will help with feed and other costs for all the horses rehabilitating at Habitat for Horses. Did you know it costs over $12,000 to feed all the horses at just one of our rehabilitation ranches per month? Habitat for Horses depends upon its supporters
Throughout the United States, Americans no longer want to go to events where horses are systematically tortured. As Roy Exum points out, fewer and fewer cities and states will even allow “Big Lick” events. Now they must go to one of the last hold outs- the state of Tennessee. It is past time to put
HfH 1st Annual Adoption Day

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Our Spring Fundraiser goal has now been ...
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