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Habitat for Horse’s Adoption Appreciation Day was a success!
The staff and volunteers of Habitat for Horses did a fantastic job creating a special day for our horse adopters. It was feared that the morning’s storms would keep everyone away. Fortunately, the sun chose to come out and shine. The day was glorious if a bit muddy. Anyone who keeps horses knows about mud. Stories were shared of love, of loss and of the special bond between an adopted horse and their families.

The event was started with a prayer by Carole Anne Pujazon, Habitat for Horse’s volunteer coordinator. Not a dry eye was left in the house from her sweet words of longing for a world where no horse would suffer. The passion for equine advocacy was in unspoken agreement among everyone present. We chose to work with and care for horses, donkeys, minis and mules who had suffered at the hands of others. In return, we are given a love like no other. Unspoken yet understood. The word “respect” was used by one adopter – that to really care for a horse one had to respect them. That respect, just as the love, is returned in kind.

The little ones loved petting and grooming the minis.

The little ones loved petting and grooming the minis.

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The big event – Habitat for Horse’s First Annual Adoption Appreciation Day is now over. We, the staff and volunteers, here at Habitat for Horses had a great time showing love and appreciation to the many adopters who showed up. Tomorrow I will have full coverage on all the fun. Today, however, the final touches
Burros and horses make fantastic therapy animals. Wounded warrior projects through the United States use Equine Assisted Therapy as part of their program. As long as these donkeys are being properly cared for – and it looks like they are – what this couple is doing is wonderful. Donkeys, burros – by whatever name you

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