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We can only hope that this article is joking. The Budweiser Clydesdales are so well known, surely the Budweiser company could sell them, if they are deemed unprofitable. (Caution – foul language used in article) ~ HfH From: AV Club By: Sean O’Neal America, a proud nation of cerevisaphiles who demand only the finest of
From: WTKR By: Todd Corillo Can a stallion named Gus save the Corolla Wild Horses from extinction? Corolla, North Carolina (WTKR) – A young stallion named Gus just might be the key to saving the wild horses that roam the beaches of Corolla. The genetically-diverse wild stallion from Cedar Island, some 250 miles away, was
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Equine Advocacy
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November 25, 2014(1)
As the weather gets colder, we will ...
November 24, 2014(3)
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Horse Health
Why would it takes months of investigation ...
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Good News! Horse Stories
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Community views of the police were positively ...
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