Wild Horse Roping and Racing at Wild West Days?

wild horse roping

wild horse riding eventA dedicated supporter of HfH, Robynne Catheron, is asking for your help in protesting an outdated “bronco busting” event from being held at the Wild West Days in Cave Creek, AZ. This will be the first year in which the organizers are holding a “wild horse taming” event.

An article in the The Sonoran News details the event. Here is an excerpt:
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Also a first for Wild West Days is wild horse taming, where three cowboys will show the crowds how a bronc is tamed. First, a horse is loaded into a bucking chute where it is haltered. Next, a team of three cowboys ready themselves for the release of the horse into the arena. These cowboys are known as the shankman, the mugger and the rider. The shankman’s responsibility is to tightly hold to the lead rope and apply leverage to allow the mugger safe access to the withers, which are the horse’s shoulders. The mugger, once safely to the withers, attempts to hold the halter and prevent or slow down all forward motion of the horse. The rider’s goal is to effectively secure the saddle to mount and ride the horse with the ultimate goal of crossing a designated finish line. All of this happens within two exciting minutes.

Original Article

Robynne has sent an email to the event organizers, newspaper editor and reporter, and copied the email to the mayor of Cave Creek and Arizona governor. To excerpt from Robynne’s excellent email:

The article about your event in the Sonorran newspaper is quickly making its way around Facebook, especially on wild horse advocates’ pages, touting your Wild West Days as the cruelest, most heartless, and most barbaric public spectacle of the year. An annual donkey-roping event was
permanently shut down earlier this year by a state governor because of the vast amounts of negative correspondence he received regarding the inhumane treatment of these animals. Do you really want your event spotlighted as cruel and barbaric by the rest of the country? Further, is this how you want your town to be known?

The west is no longer wild, and our wild horses have enough stress in their lives with helicopter roundups, herd and family band decimation, and lifetime government warehousing to be subjected to further torture at a “bronc breaking” contest for sheer entertainment. Hundreds of thousands of equine advocates have worked too hard and for too long to sit back and ignore this horrific treatment of America’s beloved wild horses, or any other horse or animal. America has come too far in its quest for humane treatment of animals to step backward two hundred years into the past. I’m sure there are many other ways to celebrate the old west, and I implore you to replace the wild horse roping and racing with a something less abusive to animals.

You can help by emailing your reasons why this event should not be held to:

Wild West Day Event Organizers: WildWestDaysCaveCreek@yahoo.com
(the above email address maybe disabled. Here is a link to their contact page on their website.)
Sonoran News: sonnews@aol.com and news@sonorannews.com,
Sonoran News Reporter: linda@sonorannews.com
Editor of the Sonoran News: editor@sonorannews.com
Cave Creek Arizona Mayor: vfrancia@turfparadise.net
Cave Creek Arizona Vice-Mayor: atrenk@cavecreek.org

Sanderson Ford (sponsor of Wild West Days) http://sandersonford.com/Contact-Us.aspx

Cave Creek Merchants and Events Association (sponsor of Wild West Days)http://cavecreekmerchants.com/contact/

List of Sponsors for the Wild West Days – Cave Creek, Arizona Event: http://wildwestdayscavecreek.com/sponsors/

  • Robynne Catheron

    Thank you for your quick action and support for our wild horses!

    October 20, 2013
  • Shirley Mix

    How barbic is this? And downright stupid/

    October 20, 2013
  • mary Gardner

    A bunch of boys trying to show off, like they are men. Well men don’t treat animals like that!! Please stop this now!!

    October 20, 2013
    • Robynne Catheron

      Mary Gardner, thank you for caring so strongly! We need YOU to help us stop it from happening by emailing those involved. Without good people like you, it wll be a nightmare for those horses.

      October 20, 2013
  • Robynne Catheron

    Shirley Mix, you’re right, it’s barbaric and stupid. Will you help us stop it by emailing the mayor and the governor? I know we can count on you!

    October 20, 2013
  • Sue

    Robynne, if you supply me with your e-mail address, I’ll be happy to send you a copy of what I sent.

    October 20, 2013
  • Sue

    Yes, the Yahoo e-mail address has been disabled. Guess they don’t want to hear all the negative, so they stick their heads in the sand.

    October 20, 2013
  • Sue

    Visit their FB page. I have posted my e-mail there…just for them!

    October 21, 2013
  • Gerald Lane

    These Cowboys have been doing this most of their life’s , there fathers also …They might have thought it was hard ,and they might be hurt themselves…I think that it should be partition from the Governor to shut down this act of unkindness to horses. Take out this Wild horses taming, and substitute another program for it. one two minutes long. We know it can be done , Lets do it .God Bless

    October 22, 2013
  • Amy Guthmiller

    Here is the link to the petition to stop this event. Your signatures/support are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    October 23, 2013