Wild horse advocates want Mesa Verde to provide water to wild horses

The drought that is spreading across the American West is hurting all forms of life. This is going to be an issue that we will be dealing with for decades to come. ~ HfH

From: DailyJournal.net

watering_horsesCORTEZ, Colorado — Wild horse advocates want Mesa Verde National Park to start giving water to its herds following the deaths of six horses.

Dehydration likely played a role in the deaths of four horses found July 8. Two others were found in early June but officials tell the Cortez Journal (http://bit.ly/1rT4vfw ) more water was available then.

Park wildlife biologist Neal Perry says the watering ban is standard on all federal public lands. Officials are instead looking at rounding up some of the park’s 100 wild horses and either selling them or treating them with birth control.

Perry says there’s limited water in the high desert environment and horses are competing for it with native deer and elk. Unlike the native animals, Perry says the horses won’t move on in search of water.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Sue

    I feel so helpless. I am sad.

    August 1, 2014
  • LNorman

    “unlike the native animals, horses won’t move on in search of water” ??? Are they fenced in? If they are free to roam, they will search for water. Providing water costs less than a “roundup” and a population of 100 is already below genetic viability. Sounds like another excuse to eradicate some more wild horses. Biologist Perry doesn’t know horses are native species? Hmmmm

    August 4, 2014