Where have all the flowers gone?

Rescued by Habitat for Horses

The morning started out with a feeling of success. Two horses from the auction at Texas A&M were being picked up, both to be brought to the ranch to start their new lives. We normally refuse to buy horses from auction, especially when the auction is being handled by killer-buyers. One thing I refuse to do is put money in the hands of horse killers. That’s always seemed like the ultimate hypocrisy, like giving bullets to a serial killer. Some rescues are okay with that, but I can’t do it.

These two were brought to my attention by a supporter, one of them advertised as “Slightly lame” and one suffering from a “head trauma.” For a vet school to release horses in this condition to an auction seemed pretty dysfunctional but, knowing the history of A&M, selling horses to slaughter is standard practice. I guess none of the students wanted to know about lameness or head trauma injuries last week.

When they arrived, I fully expected to be pulling out the equivalent of a human emergency room – stretchers, IV’s, intensive care monitors. Instead, well… watch the video:

The black one is the one with the alleged head injury. These two are healthy. We’ll do an evaluation on them, get the vet to check them over, but a quick look says that they are about perfect. Had a KBer grabbed them, they would have been dinner for some folks in Europe by this weekend. Sold for $100 each by A & M.

“By the way, Jerry, did you see the auction being held by a county up north?”

Rescued by Habitat for Horses

Rescued by Habitat for Horses

Rescued by Habitat for Horses

Rescued by Habitat for Horses

Two horses. Minimum bid – $10. One “…blind but very gentle. Will come to you when called.” The other an emaciated paint. Both from seizures. This is one of my greatest rants and raves – saving a horse by going through the court system, then sending it to a horrible death in a slaughterhouse? Punish the horse owner, but don’t punish the horse!

“We normally don’t buy horses from auction….”

But isn’t a life worth a bit more than $10? She trust humans so much that she will come to you when you call to her?

Yes, I bid on them and yes, I will be going to get them. To take a precious life like that and to throw it away like a pile of garbage…

Then RT sends out his latest post, “Roundup of Wild Horses to Begin Despite Risks to Tiny Foals and Pregnant Mares”

RENO, Nev. (June 7, 2012)—Despite extensive conversations with wild horse advocates who explained humane alternatives to a deadly helicopter stampede of tiny foals and late term mares, Gene Seidlitz, BLM District Manager in Winnemucca, NV, signed a Full Force and Effect Decision to round up hundreds of wild horses in the drought stricken Jackson Mountains, calling it necessary for “the health of the horses.”

“How believable is this emergency when privately-owned livestock are still in the Jackson Mountain Herd Management Area?” asks Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “And for Mr. Seidlitz to say he is doing this for the ‘health of the horses’ is unbelievable.”

Killing for money. Destroying life for a pocket full of change. Isn’t that like what Judas did?

So once again I ask you, where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards everyone. And where have all the graveyards gone? Covered with flowers everyone.

When will we ever learn?

When will we ever learn?

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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