Tennessee Walking Horse abuse ongoing

“The horses can be seen struggling to stand, walking stiffly and flinching away from the inspectors’ touch.”

From: Ariana Sawye | tennessean.com

The Humane Society of the United States released footage Thursday it says shows evidence of continued abuse to the Tennessee Walking Horse, further confirming the use of soring in the industry.

Soring is the practice of intentionally abusing a horse to accentuate its gait and often includes the use of caustic chemicals that eat away at the skin. Those who sore cause horses pain each time they step so they lift their front legs in an exaggeration of their natural gait in what is called the “big lick.”

The video was taken by the United States Department of Agriculture in an inspection of the Maryville, Tenn., barn of top trainer Larry Wheelon in April 2013 and obtained with an open records request. The horses can be seen struggling to stand, walking stiffly and flinching away from the inspectors’ touch. Photos from the same inspection show what appear to be scars around the horses’ pasterns.


  • Shirley Sinclair

    I want to know why these faces are covered up??? WHY are NOT THEIR FACES EXPOSED or is that just another cover up! This filth, and their faces need to be shown to everyone. If these criminals cannot be exposed for who and what they are that is also part of the problem. Jail and FINES for abusers, take away the big bucks and HURT THEM WHERE IT COUNTS. And I want to see faces of this filth and the rest of this country needs to see them too. NO camera hiding…criminals are criminals, PERIOD> Enough is ENOUGH.

    September 8, 2016
    • I Agree 110% !. I’ve signed and shared for almost three years now in hopes of this Cruelty ending! But it’s still going on! Makes me wonder who the officials are that might be paid off to do nothing to stop this!
      Heartbreaking .

      September 9, 2016
  • Someone Please trap these Bastards in a Dark Corridor!

    September 9, 2016