Voting in Habitat for Horse’s Summer Photo Contest Ends Today!

Help care for horses healing from lives of abuse – vote in our Photo Contest Today. Voting ends today at midnight. We will announce the winner on Labor Day, September 7th, 2015.

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These beauties are all vying for spots in our 2016 Habitat for Horses Calendar. Votes will be accepted through 12AM tonight. This contest is to help raise money for the care and feeding of all the horses at our ranches. They have been through so much – abuse, neglect, starvation. You have seen the pictures of the mares brought to Habitat for Horses in from the Conroe, TX Calico Dairy Farm seizure. Your public outcry helped these girls get rescued, now help them heal. Vote on your favorite horse and give a $5 or more donation. The money raised will go towards healing and re-training these mares and all the horses in our care so they can find new forever homes with loving people.

Below are pictures of the mares from the Conroe, TX seizure when they came to Habitat for Horses. These girls are now in the process of healing from their horrendous ordeal – you can help by voting and donating today!

Habitat for Horses

Habitat for Horses


Hopefully there is no confusion – we recently posted that the contest would end on September 4th, 2015 Labor Day. Well Labor Day is this Monday, September 7th! Remember – voting with your donation in this contest ends today at midnight. We will announce the winner on Monday – Labor Day – September 7th, 2015.

Click Here Vote Now! Tomorrow will be too late.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Callie

    H4H takes the worst cases of neglect and abuse. I do the same thing on a smaller scale which is why I cannot afford to donate. H4H is one of the best Rescues in the US and I am a strong supporter online.


    September 4, 2015