Get to know Doodlebug

Age: 14 yrs

Breed: Quarter Horse

Size: 13.3hh

Special Need: Scoliosis

Adoption fee starts at $10/ month or $120/year

But the more you give, the more love you share! Plus, we’ll send you or the recipient a framed photo of your equine, along with his/her story.

Back in 2008, when the court of a nearby county handed down a conviction of animal cruelty, a group of horses were released into our care. They were all malnourished, but we knew we could rehabilitate them and get them ready for adoption … all except for one. 


And he was the most beautiful. This stunning palomino colt had a flaxen mane, star and blaze, and a sassy tail that swung full and long. But Doodlebug also has scoliosis of the spine.


While some horses are born with scoliosis, others can develop this inflexible, curving spine as a result of malnutrition during their growth period. We don’t know how Doodlebug’s scoliosis occurred, only that he can’t be ridden.


So he lives with us. This friendly beauty wanders in one of our large pastures with a group of other horses that he has come to know as his herd. He watches as our trainers work with these horses, preparing each one for adoption, not understanding that it will never be his turn.


If you’re not bothered by Doodlebug’s spinal deformity, if you only see his beauty and grace, then choose him for virtual adoption now!

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