Get to know Blessing

Age: 3

Breed: Quarter horse, Sorrel

Size: 15 HH

Special Need: Abused, Hypervigilant

Adoption fee starts at $10/ month or $120/year

But the more you give, the more love you share! Plus, we’ll send you or the recipient a framed photo of your equine, along with his/her story.

Someone, years ago, put this filly in a tight halter and never took it off. As she grew, the halter embedded itself in her bones, and proceeded to torturously mangle her beautiful face.


When we got to her, her wounds were so infected that we thought she wouldn’t make it. But after weeks at the vet, we were able to bring her home to Miracle Ranch. We were so grateful for the chance to help this sweet girl, that we named her Blessing.


As Blessing healed, our trainers worked to build her trust. As you can imagine, she was terrified of people! But patience and love, demonstrated day in and day out, has begun to work its magic. She now approaches our trainers, knowing they bring with them a little treat and a nice scratch behind her ear.


Blessing seems to understand that people can love her – not just hurt her. If you choose to sponsor Blessing, let it be because you want to send her your love. She deserves all she can get.

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