Age: 31

Breed: Quarter Horse

Size: 14.1 HH

Special Need: Very underweight, Senior

Adoption fee starts at $10/ month or $120/year

But the more you give, the more love you share! Plus, we’ll send you or the recipient a framed photo of your equine, along with his/her story.

Benjamin might be old for a horse, but he’s got plenty of love left to give. Especially to his best friend Mink, a blind gal in our herd who’s terrified of being alone.


Whenever Mink gets lost and cries out, Benjamin comes running straight to her. When she needs some reassurance, Benjamin nuzzles her. And when she needs a friend, Benjamin is always there.


Benjamin needs some friends on his support team, too. He was very malnourished when we brought him in — not everyone knows that senior horses require a special diet to meet their nutritional needs. And when their teeth aren’t so good — at 31, he doesn’t have a lot left and those that remain need attention — old guys also need some encouragement to eat. So, just as Benjamin looks after Mink, her presence at meal times ensures he enjoys the warm mash of senior food and alfalfa that will help him put on weight. As soon as his weight is adequate, our equine dentist will get him all the care he needs.


For the rest of his life, this gentle senior will be in our care. And you can be sure that Mink will be right there by his side. When you sponsor Benjamin, you can be there for him, too.

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