Virtual Adoption



No feed? No hay? No barn? You can still VIRTUALLY adopt a horse!
If a real horse or pony doesn’t fit into your everyday life, virtual adoption is the next best thing! Share the love with one of 4 wonderful horses who due to medical reasons cannot be adopted out to loving homes at this time. You will be helping to support a horse with special needs or who is in our long-term rehabilitation center. Your sponsorship will help us feed and care for these wonderful animals.

My name is Pete. My home is here at the HfH Ranch - but you can virtually adopt me!

My name is Pete. My home is here at the HfH Ranch – but you can virtually adopt me!

What do I get when I virtually adopt?

Once you have completed your virtual online adoption, you will receive a letter in the mail confirming your virtual adopting and telling the story behind the horse you adodpted. You also will receive a beautifully framed picture of your adopted horse.

Each annual anniversary of your adoption, you will receive an update on how your virtually adopted horse is doing as well as a new picture!

Also your first name and last name initial will go on our special Virtual Adopted Horses page in honor of your virtual adoption.

What does a virtual adoption cost?
Virtual adoptions are available at just $10 a month. Your support will go towards giving your special needs horse that extra TLC so they can thrive.

How do I virtually adopt a horse or pony and give it as a gift?
It’s easy. Once you make your purchase, click the gift option and give the First Name and Last Name initial of the person you wish to gift your adoption to.

How do I virtually adopt a horse?
It is easy – simply choose one of the 4 horses shown and fill in the form below! You will receive an email confirming your recurring $10 Virtual Adoption subscription once the payment is processed.

Please call 866-434-5737 or email us at with any questions about the Habitat for Horses Virtual Adoption Program.


    Make this a gift of a virtual adoption by checking the box above and enter the first name and last initial of your giftee below.
  • If you making a gift of your virtual donation, please fill in the first name and the first initial of the last name of your giftee.
  • A phone number is required for your monthly Virtual Adoption support.