(Video) Dear Horse, Please keep out of the water…

More strange than funny – there seems to be more horses involved with water accidents in the news these past 6 months. Not just troughs and cisterns,as in these 2 articles – horses falling in pools, wells, and creeks too. The bottom line is – Dear Horse, please keep out of the water! Which means we have to find ways to protect them from falling in pools, creeks, cisterns and even their own troughs. ~ HfH

Firefighters rescue horse stuck in a bathtub in Orangevale

From: The Sacramento Bee

horse_in_troughSacramento Metropolitan Fire District firefighters rescued a horse that had gotten stuck in a bathtub on Bunting Court in Orangevale on Wednesday morning.

The horse, called Phantom, was dancing around in her stall just after 9:30 a.m., protecting her food trough when she suddenly fell in, according to fire department spokeswoman Capt. Michelle Eidam. Her food trough is a bathtub.

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Idaho horse rescued after falling into cistern

From: Local News 8 Jackson WY

FILER, Idaho (AP) –
A 25-year-old horse named Bitty has been rescued after falling into a cistern.

old_bittyTwin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputy Kelly Wilson tells The Times-News (http://bit.ly/16GC78B) that the owner found the missing mare at 1 a.m. Sunday standing in 4 feet of cold water in the below-ground cistern.

Wilson says one of the cement slabs covering the 8-foot-deep cistern in south-central Idaho gave way when Bitty walked on it.

The Salmon Track Fire Department responded and pumped out the water and then built a ramp using dirt and concrete.

Bitty walked out of the cistern at 4 a.m. Sunday.

Wilson says Bitty had some scrapes on her legs and was hungry but was otherwise in good condition.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • how much does that horse eat that it needs a bathtub for a food trough??

    February 5, 2015