(Video) 20 mares from Conroe seizure arrived at Hitchcock today.

The Houston SPCA has finally been cleared to release a group of horses from the Calico Farms seizure to Habitat for Horses. The transfer from the HSPCA to our rehabilitation center occurred early Sunday morning. While the delay in the proposed transfer seemed extensive, it allowed our staff and supporters to prepare for their arrival. Four trailers filled with horses formed a convoy and headed south so these horses can start a new life.


These horses, all mares, need your help now more than ever. Due to their previous neglect, starvation and lack of medical treatment, these horses are going to need months of specialized care. Chances are, all the mares are pregnant since both mares and studs were in the pastures together prior to the seizure.

Yes, it will be a big expense, but the lives of these mares depend on us, and we depend on you for your financial support. (Click here to donate now!)

We’ll make the initial assessments this week, then work with our veterinarian on the proper for pregnant mares. Word from the handlers at the HSPCA is that these are all broodmares, essentially untouched by human hands except for medical treatment, if that.

Then comes the training. These girls have a long road ahead of them, but our goal is to show them that humans are good, that training involves trust, not ropes and loud voices, and that a soft hand is better than a carrot.

Keep watching. Soon, some of them will be ready for adoption. Maybe one of them is just right for you.


AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Joanne Gura

    Thank you guys for stepping up and helping with the horses from Conroe. They have endured more then their share of abuse, and I for one, so appreciate everything you are doing to help them, as you do so often with so many horses and burros…they look like they know they are now safe..

    August 16, 2015
  • Kathleen Kennedy

    Thank you H4H, & also the Houston SPCA. These horses will have a brand new start right away from neglect & abuse! And yes, animals always know when they feel safe. May take a while to see the results, but always so amazing & rewarding. H4H is such an amazing place! Plenty of fresh hay, clean water & lots of love! Your org. is amazing!

    August 16, 2015
  • MS

    Thank you … thank you … for being there!

    August 16, 2015