Update on Conroe horse abuse seizure

The transfer of some of the horses from the Houston SPCA to Habitat for Horses has been delayed a few days. Under the advice of the HSPCA attorneys, it is thought best to keep all the horses under the care, custody and control of the lead agency until the appeal process is complete. Under the civil code related to animal cruelty the accused has the right to file an appeal, provided a bond is posted. The judge in this case set the bond at $1,000 per horse.

The period to file an appeal is over on July 15th. At that time. depending on the status of the appeal, we can legally accept the horses from the Houston SPCA. While some may disagree with the delay, it is always best to follow the exact letter of the law. The benefit to us is that it gives us time to be better prepared for the intake. Medical supplies have been ordered and additional personnel scheduled.


The trailering and changing of locations is stressful on any equine. For those suffering from malnutrition, it can be extremely stressful to their already weaken physical condition. Once moved off the dairy location, maintaining them for an additional week in one location prior to moving them again can be a big help in restoring their health, so there is a positive side to the delay.


They will come, and we (all of us, including you) will be ready for them. Our pasture will be their temporary sanctuary on their path to find their forever home.


AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Gail Wiot

    Great job! This is a step in the direction for these poor horses. Unfortunately, the wheels of Justice don’t move as quickly as we would like to see especially when dealing with live animals. One day they will finally be freed from that life style which was inhumane care and starvation!

    July 3, 2015