Update: New animal cruelty charges for Conroe horse farm owners

From: ABC 13 News

CONROE, TX (KTRK) — A new charges have been filed against a Conroe farm owner accused of neglecting more than 200 horses.


Herman Hoffman and his wife, Kathleen Hoffman, face 17 new counts of animal cruelty. He also is charged with one count of tampering.

The Hoffmans already were charged with three counts of animal cruelty after Montgomery County investigators seized more than 200 horses from the Calico Diary farm last month. Authorities claimed the animals appeared to be starved and neglected.

Bond was set for $12,750 for each of the new misdemeanors and $10,000 for the felony tampering charge.

The two turned themselves into authorities Friday afternoon.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Daryl

    They should of done some thing about the horses when it was a hardship of keeping them, I feel for the animals not the people who were to dumb to do some thing or ask for help. they let some with sores walk around and not care for them, some were feet way to long , nothing done about them, this is abuse in the highest form. These animals in captivity can not do it them selves.

    July 18, 2015
  • Callie

    Thank Heavens they are now safe with HFH! These horses will be rehabbed and great homes found for all.



    July 18, 2015
    • Posted by Habitat for Horses

      Right now the horses are still in holding with the Humane Society until the process in the court is finished. We are preparing to receive them.

      July 18, 2015
      • Callie

        When they do arrive there is no question in my mind that they will be rehabilitated physically and emotionally. I rescue these type of abused or neglected horses and in the 20 years I have been rescuing Horses I only have one ‘Lifer’ as she has Gastric Ulcers.

        We have tried everything the Vet recommended but the meds did not work.

        We are treating her with Diet as she was 400 lbs when she came from the Auction and has gained 550 lbs in TEN years. Her goal weight is 1250 as she is a Thoroughbred and stands 16.3 hh and she is underweight. She will stay in the Rescue for the rest of her life as I refuse to put a saddle pad, let alone a synthetic Saddle as long as she has pointy Hip Bones.

        She is very happy and has bonded with my 24 year old American Quarterhorse Gelding. Her eyes are bright and her coat is great and she does have a Stifle Injury she got at the Track and they did not give her a chance to heal. She was drugged and went through an awful withdrawal and I did hours of ‘Stall Sitting’ so she would get to know me. When she started sniffing my hair I knew she was almost over the process.

        HFH is an awesome Organization and I am a fan and wish I could donate however, I pay a small ‘Mortgage Payment’ each month as I do not own my own property and I pay Board for 5 Horses. I also spend a small fortune on Joint Supplements for her and the 24 year old Gelding as he has Arthritis. I always enjoy reading your Posts and always wish you the best!


        July 19, 2015
  • linda jones

    Thank goodness. The. ASPCA step in to take thehorses i hope the owners pay and do not get any back.

    July 19, 2015
    • jfinch

      The ASPCA has nothing to do with these horses. The Houston SPCA took the lead on the case. Habitat for Horses is standing by to assist.

      July 19, 2015
  • Sue

    Animal abuse/neglect is a FELONY in all 50 states. At least they were charged with one felony, but not for abuse of the horses.

    July 20, 2015