Unidentified Senate Republican Hold Blocks Bill to Protect Horses

Why would anyone block a bill to stop the torture of horses? The answer of course is there must be money somewhere to be made or a political dig to be gained by blocking the PAST Act. Hopefully this person will be outed soon. Keith Dane, from HSUS, has asked for everyone to share this. Do not allow a pro-horse torturer to have a free pass. ~ HfH

From: The Humane Society
By: Keith Dane

If Congress could only walk a mile in their shoes...soring would a thing of the past

If Congress could only walk a mile in their shoes…soring would a thing of the past

Legislation to stop the cruel and illegal practice of “soring” – one of the most broadly supported bills in Congress with 60 Senate cosponsors and 308 House cosponsors – has been blocked by at least one Republican Senator, preventing movement on the legislation until the “hold” is lifted. The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, S. 1406, was hotlined Monday afternoon in an effort to pass the bill by unanimous consent in the final days of the 113th Congress. The bill was cleared by the Senate Democrats, but the Republican side has at least one objection, thereby blocking the bill from moving forward. The Humane Society of the United States urges any Republican who has a hold on the PAST Act to lift his or her objection and allow the bill to clear the Senate.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS, said: “It’s very disturbing that any lawmaker would block a bill to stop the intentional torture of horses solely to win ribbons at horse shows. I don’t think there’s any substantive policy bill in the Congress with this level of broad, bipartisan support, and one or two lawmakers should not be able to thwart the will of so many Americans to crack down on this appalling cruelty.”

The PAST Act has well more than a two-thirds majority in the House, with a majority of Republicans and nearly every Democrat in the House co-sponsoring the legislation. In the Senate, the bill obtained Committee approval in April, and there are now enough cosponsors to overcome a filibuster. It is also endorsed by an unusually broad and diverse coalition.

Earlier, The HSUS wrote to Congressional leaders in both chambers urging them to bring the PAST Act to a vote. The protection of Tennessee walking horses from soring is a top priority of The HSUS and the organization is committed to ending this abusive practice without further delay.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Janet Schultz

    This is infuriating. With all the bajillion dollars paid in salary and benefits to the representatives in Washington, DC – paying for their trips back and forth to home, buying them homes in DC and paying for all their aides, analysts and organizers – WHY do important issues like this come down to the 11:52nd hour and allowed to be blocked. I am sick of these politics with our wellbeing ad our peaceful society. If this bill is not moved and presented to the President – I will be advocating sanctions. No more Ms. Nice Woman!!!!!!!!!!1

    December 12, 2014
  • Robynne Catheron

    So, the rumor is false that the culprits were the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House? Hmmm.

    December 12, 2014
  • Daryl

    Why do we not know who blocked it ?
    thought it was our right to know ?
    Janet how can I help, we all help that want to, and fight for the horses again ?

    December 12, 2014
    • Daniel Cordero Fernandez

      We don’t know because it is a “secret hold”; this is all way too familiar and it is not the first time it happens to us. It is called secret because it just takes the culprit to communicate privately to the Majority Leader he is against the bill by means of a note, an errand, while chatting in the restroom, you name it. But the worst part of it is that they do this because they suspend their very own rules at the beginning of each legislative day.

      Of course this is just a chess game and, if the Majority Leader had guts, he could play dumb, flip the guy putting a hold on the bill and bring it to the floor for a vote. The bad news: the Majority Leader, Reid from Nevada, was never for the horses.

      December 13, 2014
      • A member of his staff admitted it when called about this.

        December 13, 2014
      • If you call the DC office they will tell you that Mitch has the hold on the Bill. He kept swapping but it is back to him.

        Rep.Goodlatte answers his phone himself and he will tell you what he is planning to mess things up for the Horses, both domestic and wild.

        Just give them a call!

        December 13, 2014
  • Janet Schultz

    Well, the only choice we have is our voice. And spread the word. So many people are anguished by the sight of what those low life humans do to these beautiful and sensitive horses. Let’s get a huge voioe going and yes, demand sanctions for obstructng the will of the people! The special interest those bad people oin Washington DC should be listening to is ius. Spread the word. Call your representative Senators and Congressmen. We have waited long enpough, don’t you think?

    December 12, 2014
  • The Senator is none other than Mitch McConnell. Nobody ever calls for a Cloture to release the Bill for a Vote.

    He has a closet full of skeletons but this time around few people even bothered to Vote in the Mid-Term Election.

    December 13, 2014
    • Daniel Cordero Fernandez

      That’s no good; McConnell is posed to become the new Majority Leader.

      As a nation, Americans should realize they cannot keep tolerating any longer that a small group of individuals disintegrate the bases over which the political system was built so they can further their own agendas and please anachronistic ideological groups; all because they are allowed to keep a series of perks to make their life easier (the unanimous consent thing is a custom, not a rule written in stone).

      Even though the US political system was built in contrast with the European absolutism, the perks granted to these Senators have turned it into pretty much what you can find in Belgium or Spain, where only the government’s ministries are allowed to introduce bills, knowing in advance they will be passed because there is strict party discipline and representatives are nothing but a flock of sheep composed of friends, adulators, sons in law and the like following verbatim the instructions their party leaders provide them: a joke unto itself.

      It is not necessary to carry out radical reforms in the US political system. It would be enough for the Senate to do away with the suspension of the rules at the beginning of each legislative day and the “custom” of bringing bills for a vote by unanimous consent and follow their standard procedure similar to that of the House.

      December 14, 2014