Throwback Thursday – Vintage Horse-y Valentines Day Cards

We started Throwback Thursday on our Facebook page recently. Its a fun thing to do – remembering fondly the past, be it our own or way back in the “olden” days. If you have not yet checked out our Facebook page – please do!

Today is Throwback Thursday and we will share it here: Vintage Horse-y Valentines Day Cards.

We all loved them as kids. If you did not get one as a child, they are still fun to look at and share – be it with your beloved, the one you admire or your equine valentine. Just in case you or your child still needs to get Valentines day cards – we have them as PDFs here for you to print, trim and share. Click on the image to see a larger version (if there is one) then click on the PDF link if you wish to print it!

All we ask is that you please share your first equine valentine either as a comment to this post on our website, on Facebook or on Twitter – this could be your first horse, a horse you fell in love with but could not have (I know someone whose heart still races for Secretariat), or even a toy horse you played cowboys with.

Also coming up next week, there will be a NEW Photo Contest! There will be a theme for this one. All will be revealed …including rules …next week. It should be fun.

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Valentines Sheet 2

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[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”1″]a41fb1adab895c27312af68897764b2b[/column]
Click Here for PDF of Valentines Sheet 2

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Valentines Sheet 3

[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”0″]card4[/column]
[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”1″]card1[/column]
Click Here for PDF of Valentines Sheet 3

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Valentines Sheet 4

[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”0″]girl_riding_horse_valentines[/column][column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”1″]card6[/column]
Click Here for PDF of Valentines Sheet 4

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