This past week in equine news

Today we are giving you a wrap up of the past week in equine news. The drought, SAFE Act, an outbreak of disease among Italian donkeys, and Larry Joe Wheelon – the infamous horse sorer – is in court. ~ HfH

The growing drought in California and other western states has been on everyone’s mind. From the humans that live there, to big industry, and yes – the wild life, including the wild horses who live in the West.

The Drought

drought_horsesFrom: USA Today

Wild horses at risk in Nevada drought

ELKO, Nev. — A lack of rainfall and diminishing water on the range could leave wild horses and ranchers’ cattle thirsty and in danger this summer.

Bureau of Land Management representative Rich Adams told the county’s natural resources board that wild horses could be in grave danger if creeks and springs continue to dry, according to the Elko Daily Free Press reports.

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Kelly Carlson, Wendie Malick, Kaley Cuoco and now Joe Tafoya – a former Seattle Seahawk are celebrities that stand up against horse slaughter. Here Joe Tafoya speaks out against overbreeding in the horse industry and for the SAFE Act.

From: King 5 News

jtafoyaThe Humane Society estimates every year, more than 100,000 horses are inhumanely transported outside the country for slaughter and shipped overseas for human consumption. Now, a former Seahawk is raising awareness about the issue of horse slaughtering in Washington after he rescued 14 wild horses that were set to be killed.

Joe Tafoya said there are no active slaughtering houses in the United States, but he says there are in Mexico and Canada.

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Any outbreak of an equine illness should be taken seriously – especially in countries, like Italy, that should have the resources to handle it.

Donkey Health

From: HorseTalkNZ

donkeysWorrying levels of equine piroplasmosis infection found in Italian donkeys

A high number of donkeys have tested positive for protozoan parasites in central Italy, with researchers saying a surveillance programme is urgently needed.

Fulvio Laus and his colleagues conducted tests on 138 donkeys of mixed breed, comprising 109 females, seven stallions and 22 geldings. They ranged in age from 1 to 22.

The animals lived on eight different farms in central Italy, in an area chosen due to the high prevalence of tickborne pathogens previously found in equids, the proven presence of the ticks, and because vets had frequently reported heavy tick infestations.

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Justice is trying to be served against Larry Wheelon, the infamous horse sorer. He and his attorneys are of course fighting tooth and nail, trying every trick in the book to get him exonerated.

Horse Soring

From: The Daily Times

Larry Joe Wheelon

Larry Joe Wheelon

The authorities who raided a Maryville trainer’s barn two years ago in search of horse soring activities were conducting an illegal search effort, a defense attorney said Thursday in Blount County Circuit Court.

Maryville attorney Rob White, representing horse trainer Larry Joe Wheelon, is asking a Blount County judge to throw out the results of an April 2013 search at Larry Wheelon Stables on Tuckaleechee Pike in Maryville.

Wheelon, 70, Miracle Landing Drive, Maryville and one of his employees — Randall Stacy Gunter, 45, Rutledge Street, Louisville — each face aggravated animal cruelty charges as a result of the raid

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