The Silence of the Navajo

August 29, 2013

A lot of us have been shocked and saddened at the pro-slaughter stance of the Navajo Nation’s Agricultural Department and their support of Valley Meat. Even more shocking were the acts of the USDA and the BLM’s cold-blooded assistance in rounding up horses to send them to slaughter. We are finally getting the back story, one that newspapers will not be telling you.

Two items for you to read. The first is a strong statement from the actual and real Navajo people, only a small part which is quoted here:

Navajo Medicine People Oppose Horse Slaughter ‘The Horse is our Medicine’

CENSORED NEWS, Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights, Brenda Norrell  (

to censored new (Betatkin wildcow chase)“The disrespect of this way of life will be learned, courtesy of the Navajo Nation Government and its president Ben Shelly. They show no remorse of our ceremonies and the way of life, put us in a square box where we can’t breathe, as in prison like base modern element. The Reservation already has many boxes in one unit, from big to small staked in same box. There is no agriculture provision from our Department of Interior, BIA and Navajo Nation. They mismanage our money at the end. The $1.3 million approved for round up of our horses and slaughter is somewhat doing the same thing, running it to dry, mismanaging and stealing our horses. Ben Shelly stole $9,000 from Navajo Nation government when he was vice president. What he got was a slap on the wrist and stayed as new elected president for the Navajo Nation. I can see where this stealing is coming from,” said Leland Grass.

Read the full article HERE

The second and just as shocking article is in .pdf form, so I hope you can read it. We thought we knew just how underhanded and low our government can get, but this reaches new lows. Imagine this:

“For example, USDA APHIS denies wild horses of their indigenous roots to North America and says that they are purportedly “feral”; and, that the so called “feral” horse population has supposedly escalated out of control; and the alleged overpopulation is due to U.S. horse slaughter plants shutting down in 2007, therefore purportedly causing the slaughter of America’s horses to end. And, that if someone wanted to sell their horse for slaughter they would supposedly have to ship their own horse all the way to Canada or Mexico, and foot the bill for transport themselves.”

The article is titled, “In Truth of Wild Horses on Native Land and Tongue.” First in a series of insights based on excerpts from the documentary film SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES: A NATION BETRAYED By Katia Louise, of Sioux descent, Presented by the Wild for Life Foundation 

Read the entire article HERE

Our government out of control, full of deceit, intent on killing every last American wild horse. Where is the inner sense of morality in these people? Where is a shred of decency to be found? For several large Government agencies to collaborate together, to plan on telling lies to our Native Americans – we must ask – just how far have we really come in the last two hundred years? Had enough yet?

Take the PLEDGE. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to stop being part of the silent majority. The link is on the right column of this page.

  • I just read this and the documents you linked to, Jerry. I didn’t think I could be any more shocked and disgusted by the DOI/BLM/USDA/FSIS depravity. But I was wrong. I feel sick.

    I will share this and the PLEDGE as close to the far corners of the Earth as I possibly can. And then some.

    I look at the pictures of our Wild Ones and at my own beloved Indy and Ami and I’m sickened, frightened and infuriated. Somehow, we MUST get the word out. We MUST stop the lies. If we don’t, who will?

    August 29, 2013
  • Debbie Tracy

    WELL, there you go, says it all doesn’t it, I KNEW it, I KNEW IT, OH BOY, Obama, Vilsake, BLM, ALL of them not BLM but the other two, HOW they want to stop slaughter in the 2014 budget, HA. They like I said way back are using both sides, they want to KILL ALL the Wild Mustangs then when later down the road the budget may get voted on?? OR PASSED even USDA will stop the inspection of horses for slaughter… HOW ON EARTH do WE FIGHT THIS???? I am actually scared for us all not only the horses, this is JUST SO disturbing, to actually really know all the lies, OMG????? WHAT is happening to this country??? That our so called leaders can be so dreadfully evil, really, use and abuse anyone than can to get what they want… WOW….HOW like I said can we fight this?????? I hope someone will lets us know, other than boycotting beef, WHAT CAN WE DO???? Can you hear how scared I am, Oh dear 🙁

    August 29, 2013
    • sherriey

      Debbie, me too! and its not been just now, its been for the last 6+ yrs….things are different, not like we use to know it, but bad and terribly different. me too….i am so so scared, for us all! the gov will bowel anyone over to get what they want and God help anyone or anything that stands in the way.
      i too am very very scared!

      August 29, 2013
    • Rebecca

      Hi Debbie Tracy, I hear your pain and frustration. Every living thing in our country/world is under attack. I just learned the Navy is finally admitting that they will be conducting tests that will kill thousands of Dolphins and Whales. Japan is polluting the ocean with toxic waste leaking from a nuclear plant, humans also are being murdered and assaulted much more frequently. I’m not sure why this is all happening, and so much more, but I recognize it too. Lots of people are seeing changes and feeling frightened. I have committed to become Vegan. I have been successful for 3 weeks now. I cannot say I love animals and see them as God’s gift to us then hypocritically eat cow, pig, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, honey etc. It no longer even makes sense to me. I agree with the others that if all of us do this together we can affect the government in the only place that matters to them which is the mighty dollar. I don’t know what your faith is if any, but I believe that God knows every single tear and all pain that we and our animal brethren experience. He gave humans free will over our actions but the Bible is clear that judgment and vengeance is His alone. These abusers will pay for the torture and murder inflicted on animals/humans. In the mean time I believe we are supposed to do everything within our power to help these precious beings. As long as we do it peacefully. That is very hard but it helps no one especially the animals when we abuse or attack the abusers. Pledging to not eat animal flesh/fluids is a perfect way to help. I wish you luck in your choice to support animal rights. In Jesus’s name I ask Our heavenly Father to wrap His loving arms around you and bless your heart with peace. You can trust that these Mustangs not alone even at the time of their death. I hope that gives you comfort and security. <3

      August 30, 2013
  • Betty

    As I see it, with the concern of “drugs in horses”, by slaughtering the mustangs, they have a drug free population of horses to slaughter. I really feel that is a big reason they want to send them to slaughter, so they can have a product that meets the standards so they can push through the slaughter house openings, meat sales and make more money. I have thought this all along…they had an ulterior motive for capturing all the mustangs.

    August 29, 2013
  • sherriey

    sickening, shocking, sad!
    but….am i surprised? NO!
    why? b/c GREED for money outweighs it all.
    morals? where? nowhere! not when it comes to money! some have sold their souls to the devil…all will rot in hell!
    when it comes to money, there is no morals….they’d sell their own mothers for a dollar!
    corrupt to the core…money is their God, thats our government!

    August 29, 2013
  • Debbie Tracy

    J Finch I have pledged and passed it on to many of my friends and to many web site’s we ALL ARE…. I WILL keep doing what I can you can count on it… Thanks for settling me down a bit, I hope to god people are listening and many more will pledge, not very many so far?? BUT I have faith this WILL succeed…

    August 29, 2013
  • Geri

    an article about the blm slaughtering turtles was posted on RT’s site by one of the advocates a couple of weeks ago–I wonder if someone is looking out for these little guys- or if they are on their way to china and japan for turtle soup – courtacy of the blm and the red, white and blue

    August 29, 2013
  • Rachael Bannister

    Why is this article Silence of the Navajo not in every news paper and every media outlet in the country and forgein country.The DOJ and U S Attorney General also need to have copies of this information.
    I think I know why the News will not touch it with a ten foot pole.It sheds to much light on the agenda that is being pushed to slaughter horses in the U S and to send them to slaughter in other countries so the real story is not an option.

    August 31, 2013
  • Linda Horn


    (This comment asks for donation to be sent to a certain email address. That solicitation has been removed as I know nothing about the person or organization receiving donations. This may or may not be a scam. Always be VERY CAREFUL about sending any money to an unknown entity. – Jerry)

    The Horse Roundup and Slaughter Prevention Rallies are on! DINE’ FOR HORSES will hold rally rides and participate in parades at most agency fairs this fall. We will be campaigning to raise awareness for the horses and livestock that tie us to our lands and culture.

    We need as many people as possible to support this fight for the welfare of our relatives – the horses and other animals. The Great Horse Nation will be pleased at what all of us do for them – not only the living, but also those who have been slaughtered. We pray for them! This will be a united effort to expose our corrupt Navajo Nation government, and pressure them to use funding in a positive way – not to mismanage, displace, or kill our horses!

    (Solicitation deleted)

    Confirmed Rallies:
    Navajo Nation Fair, Saturday, September 7th, Window Rock, Arizona
    Utah Navajo Fair, Saturday, September 14th, Bluff, Utah
    Northern Navajo Nation Fair, Saturday, October 6th, Shiprock, New Mexico
    Western Navajo Fair, Saturday, October 19th, Tuba City, Arizona

    Possible Rallies:
    Southwestern Navajo Fair, Dilkon, Arizona (September 19-22)
    Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, Arizona (Oct 11 – Nov 3)

    September 2, 2013
  • Nancy Albin

    I wish you all lived in Nevada or were just here tomorrow You are all so passionate about this “Horses slaughtered” is far from being civil as we are known to be or … were civil.tomorrow is the meeting at Blm’s PVF I m hoping & praying we succeed against BLM & gov. perverse way of making money in such a sinister way of torture to all these innocent beautiful Creatures & hog tieing the baby foals & leaving them in the desert to die is unbarable who could think of doing that!!! BLM & it’s pak of demons I wonder who will be next maybe “us” why don’t they listen to us this is our country & I want it back not to mention we are paying for this to happen I am not making sense tired of typing i guess well I will be fighting hard tomorrow at 2 pm we are going early! Oh I m so Proud My Nephew Christopher & his friend they run a ranch in AZ drove all the way from AZ to fallen NV to get a couple of horses + one is pregnaut. God Bless them so much. When my mom told me, I teared up Thank You Christopher Albin I Love you so much!!! I have a great family I am very Proud YEA! Those horses will be happy forever & a day! I know he is great with them. We call him “The Cowboy” since he was a little child.

    September 4, 2013
  • Rachael Bannister

    Why will the national media not pick up this story?
    Too much truth and all they want to publish or show on nathional news is the spew from pro slaughter.

    September 5, 2013