The Rarest Horse Hybrids On The Planet

The weekend before Christmas – time for something lighter. Here is the Zorse!!! A zebra / horse hybrid! ~ HfH

From: Little Things
By: Julia Lynn Rubin

You may have heard of a zonkey, a zebra and donkey hybrid, but what about a hinnie? How about a zedonk?

Before you back away slowly from your screen like you’re reading the rantings of a crazy person, hear me out. These rare and amazing equine hybrids actually do exist, and they’re incredible sights to behold.

There are some pretty wacky variations of equine breeds that have existed for hundreds of years. Zebras, donkeys, and horses are mixed and matched to create amazing new kinds of fur babies! Most of these crazy names are made from the first part of the father name and the second part of the mother’s name.

Learn more about these crazy combos, from the mundane (mule) to the truly eccentric (hebra)!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to watch a video of a zorse in action.

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1. Male Donkey + Female Horse = Mule
Mules make for fantastic draught animals as they are strong, powerful, and hardy.

Most of us know this one, but some of these hybrids are a bit stranger…

2. Male Zebra + Female Horse = Zorse
They’re also known as the golden zebra, Zebra mule, and the Zebrule.

With some patience and love, you can even ride them!


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  • There is also the Hinnie which has a Horse sire and a Jackass Dam. They are all gorgeous and the British Mule Society has some stunning Mules that go to shows along with horses. Different Classes but the Mules drive and that is how they compete.

    Thanks for bring a smile to our faces!

    December 20, 2014