The New York Times Listens to Some Readers — But Not All

Vickery Eckhoff presents an open letter sent to New York Times public editor, Margaret Sullivan, regarding errors in the article ” As Wild Horses Overrun The West, Ranchers Fear The Land Will Be Gobbled Up” . ~ HfH

From: Vickery Eckhoffpublic-editors-journal
Less than a year ago, I examined 19 reader complaint letters sent to The New York Times regarding errors in the article “As Wild Horses Overrun The West, Ranchers Fear The Land Will Be Gobbled Up” (Sept. 30, 2014). I also collected the editors’ corresponding responses. No corrections were made.

What I learned from this exercise is that your statement that “Times leaders are listening to their readers” (from your October 7, 2015 article, “Readers Will Rule, Says The Times, So Don’t Be Shy“), doesn’t extend to readers who happen to be wild horse advocates, wild horse groups and anyone critical of The Times’ wild horse coverage (including, in this case, three PhD’s and two academics, one of whom published two New York Times op-ed pieces, five books and is a columnist on food and agriculture for Pacific Standard).
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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Daniel Cordero

    Awesome article by Vickery.

    The more I think about this issue the clearer is to me that the days in which journalism was a tool to keep the politico-economical establishment in check are well over.

    Now, it seems that mass media are simply loadspeakers designed to further the agendas of certain power groups. Journalists of the Dave Phillpps’ kind are more interested in making a political than just informing and letting readers draw their own conclussions, which is quite sad.

    Similarly, while mass media seems eager to cover all sorts of shocking news and political scandals, truly controversial stuff, like public lands pillage at the hands of BLM and welfare ranchers, is coveniently silenced, if not squelched.

    October 16, 2015
  • Daryl

    So true the news over looks the wild horse drama, like it was told to stay away from the story, where would it come from? Call the president and let him know we don’t want our wild horses rounded up and put in jail, the killed, these are our wild horses and we have a right to say if they stay wild , wild horse need to be wild .

    October 16, 2015
  • MS

    Thank you, thank you, Vickery — I’m a NY-er and enjoy the NYT BUT, I must state, I’m very disappointed in the NYT’s handling of this issue — now we need to spread your response to that article throughout so the world can know the truth about our horses and their land — the land that slowly over the years, is being taken from them. Please, keep at it! We must be relentless in getting the truth out there at every turn. If we don’t speak up, readers and listeners will continue to receive lies and disinformation. Our horses’ lives are at stake. Once again, Vickery, thank you.

    October 25, 2015