The Difference Between Regular People and Horse People

horse people can change tires

It is Sunday once again. Here is a video that is SPOT ON. Horse people make the world go ’round. One note – I would have used a farrier reference when the mani – pedi came up….but that’s me…
(We will update everyone on Hollis, the baby donkey, once we get word on his condition…hopefully by this afternoon.) ~ HfH

From: The Digital Horse

horse people can change tires

Horse people are do’ers!

  • Mustang Man

    Laughed y head off. a bit easy on the non horse people though, Cracked up as my wife did just that in the pasture this morning during feeding, the rest room deal. I know a guy that almost passed out once when I reached down and grabbed some horse poop to break it open looking for worms. He freaked. had to explain to him “Dude its just grass clippings” get a grip HAHAHAHAHA, THANK YOU for sending this one out

    October 12, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    I bet there aren’t many out there who haven’t done the restroom/stall deal! And I agree = easy on non-horse people! Way easy.

    October 12, 2014
  • You nailed it! haha.

    October 15, 2014