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You will receive a receipt of your donation in your email that you provided. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us!

Your donation allows Habitat for Horses’ professional staff & volunteers to rescue, care for and adopt out to loving homes horses & donkeys. We educate the public about equine related issues, and offer community services to aid the disabled with equine therapy.

Without your help, none of this would happen. Thank you for your continued support![/column]
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Our Online Store

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Here are a couple of items from our online store.

untiltheyaresafebracelets-150x150Each stainless steel bracelet is engraved with the words: “Until They Are Safe”, beneath that quote is a description of a horse that was needlessly slaughtered. Your purchase goes towards making that goal come true.$15 each includes shipping.
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book_horseathome Introducing a beautiful book of prose and photography celebrating the rescue Horses living at Habitat for Horses. All proceeds from this 100 page coffee table book benefit Greener Pastures, the land fund for a permanent home for Habitat for Horses.

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Visit our online store to purchase either the book or caps and to view all our online goods. All proceeds from our online store sales benefit Habitat for Horses programs. Click here to view our online store.

Adopt A Horse

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Do you have room in your heart and home for a horse? Habitat for Horses has a variety of horses, donkeys, burros and minis for adoption. Call us to find out more at or click on one of the links below to view more horses!

Ride Me! Donkeys & Minis Train Me! Love Me! Companions


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