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Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 2011
Size: 13.2HH
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: White
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 665
Status: Needs Training - companion with light riding but needs training

Suzie is a 4 year old Quarter Horse/ Paint Pony who will stay small in stature. She is a brilliant little mare with a quirky personality. She is not afraid of anything and would rather be up in the barn. She will randomly run around the pasture stirring everyone up but also likes going it alone. She is also able to cross her legs and does so regularly to get those annoying itches. She has just started her saddle training and had a good responsive first ride. She will continue her training until she is a truly educated young mare. If you are interested in Suzie, please contact Habitat for Horses via phone or email.

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