Store Cards

storecardheaderShopping for Groceries is a great way to support Habitat for Horses!

Both Krogers and Randalls are now offering rewards programs with their store cards. Once you link your Krogers and/or Randalls store card to Habitat for Horses, all you need to do is be sure present your card each time you go grocery shopping. These store cards often also offer great discounts on items you shop for. So its a win-win all around.

How to Link your Store Card to Habitat for Horses:

Habitat for Horse’s Krogers Community Reward’s Program number is 81358.

You will need to register your card online at If you have an online Kroger’s Community Rewards account, click the Sign In button. If you did not create an online account when you signed up for your Kroger’s card, you will need to do so. Just click on the Create an Account button. You will need an email address to sign up. If you have any difficulties, be sure to let your Kroger Customer Service department know, and they can assist you. Be sure to ask them to add Habitat for Horse’s Krogers Community Reward’s Program number 81358 to your card.

Habitat for Horse’s Randall’s Good Neighbor Program number is 10060.

Randall’s Good Neighbor Program is an easy to way to contribute donations to your favorite charity. Once you have a Randall’s Remarkable Card number, fill out this form: and turn it in to your Randall’s In Store Courtesy Booth. We have already filled in Habitat for Horse’s Charity Number for you. In case you are not able to print this form, simply take your Randall’s Remarkable Card with to your Randall’s In Store Courtesy Booth and ask them for a Good Neighbor’s Reward form. Habitat for Horse’s Randall’s Charity Number is 10060. Be sure to turn it back in to your Randall’s In Store Courtesy Booth or you can call our office to stop by and turn it directly to us – we will be glad to help you. Call our office at Habitat for Horses at 409-935-0277 for more details – be sure to mention this is for the Randall’s Good Neighbor Program.