Something wild in Lincoln County

wild horses in Ruidoso New Mexico

Ruidoso, New Mexico is reknown for its rugged beauty – a resort community sitting in the Sierra Blanca Mountain Range. Wild horses have been roaming this area for decades – locals have come to love and protect them. ~ HfH

From: Ruidoso News

Photographer David Tremblay spotted the wild horse herd of Alto when he stopped for brunch at the Alto Lakes Clubhouse on Sunday. Not able to resist the chance to photograph the richly colored horses, he bolted for his camera and snapped these captures. The herd has roamed the area for decades. The original horses probably came from the nearby Mescalero Apache Reservation. Last year after a member of the herd was sold for slaughter, generating outrage by local residents, a new approach was developed with those residents by the New Mexico Livestock Board, which is responsible for the herd’s well-being. The approach involves less human contact, keeping the horses away from the highways and adoption through the proper channels.

wild horses in Ruidoso New Mexico

Heading with the herd back toward the mountain. (Courtesy David Tremblay)

wild horses in Ruidoso New Mexico

Scenic golfing at its best in Alto. (Courtesy David Tremblay)

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  • arlene

    absolutely beautiful

    January 9, 2015
  • MS

    I’m thrilled to learn that the human community watches over these horses and does what’s best for them — this is so good to hear and know — the horses are beautiful as well as the people looking out for them. Fantastic news!

    January 10, 2015