Report Cruelty

“The horse just doesn’t want to eat. I think he’s just old.”

That’s not a valid excuse, nor is, “I just ran out of money,” “I think the horse is sick,” “I don’t own the horse. It belongs to my son.” There is never a valid excuse for abusing a horse. Never.

If the owner needs help, we will do everything we can to help. Sometimes a case of starvation, for instance, is caused by a lack of knowledge about dental care. Admitedly, if a horse is losing weight, common sense says to pick up the phone and call a vet. We’ll suggest that the owner do just that, set a time limit, and come back to see if they took the proper action. If it is a case of outright abuse and neglect, we will do everything we can to have the animal removed.

Abuse and Neglect in Texas
According to the Texas Penal Code Ann. § 42.09 (Vernon 2002), Cruelty to Animals, the following is considered cruel or inhumane treatment of animals and warrants investigation, seizure, and filing of charges:

– torturing an animal
– seriously overworking an animal
– failure to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal
– abandonment of an animal
– killing, injuring, or administering poison to an animal
– causing animals to fight
– using live animals as a lure in dog racing
– horse tripping

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