Reno (Adopted)

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Gender: Male
Year of Birth: 2012
Size: 14.3HH
Breed: Quarter Horse-Fresian
Color: Dark Bay
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 900
Status: Ready to Ride - advanced or confident rider

Reno is a 4 year old Quarter Horse/ Friesian gelding who has recently started in his training. He is a sweet young horse and pretty mover. He has accepted a saddle. Stands tied and picks up all four feet. He has been worked with using a tarp; walking over it, wrapping it around his legs, pulling it over his head and around his belly. Weight has been placed in the stirrup to which he stood still and calm. He will continue his training until he finds his perfect match. If you are interested in Reno, please contact Habitat for Horses via phone or email.

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