Rancher Cliven Bundy can’t win

Cliven Bundy

The point at the very end of the article is well made. A cooling off period perhaps had some wisdom, given that we now know how outnumbered the Federal Agents and BLM were. Cliven Bundy made a fool of himself shortly after the showdown and lost the respect of many of his followers. Now is the time to go in and collect. Either Cliven Bundy pays his fees or his cattle are removed from the range – period. Do not let anti-public land militia hold us hostage. ~ HfH

From: USA Today

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy

Government authorities were wise to back off in April when scofflaw Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy surrounded himself with armed supporters to avoid paying more than $1 million in grazing fees and penalties he had accumulated over two decades.

As infuriating as it was that Bundy had repeatedly defied court orders and insisted he could graze his cattle wherever he pleased, he wasn’t worth a bloody confrontation.

Three months later, though, Americans who obey the law and pay their bills might wonder how long Bundy and his gun-toting pals are going to get away with rejecting the rule of law.

It’s bad enough Bundy is thumbing his nose at courts and government officials. Allowing armed paramilitaries to back down the government at gunpoint is worse.

In a nation awash in firearms, where a small but heavily armed fringe seethes with anti-government paranoia, that just invites more trouble. Indeed, a report released late last week by the Southern Poverty Law Center says the Bundy Ranch incident was carefully planned by armed right-wing groups, which have been galvanized by their perceived victory.

Both the Bureau of Land Management and the sheriff of Nevada’s Clark County agree that Bundy crossed a line and should be held accountable.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Lee

    Why on earth did the Feds let this go for several decades? And…why didn’t they just put a lein on his property and bank accounts!?

    Glad to see he’s finally being discredited for the lawbreaker he is-wonder how many wild horses he shot and killed on OUR land (the taxpayers!) in these 2 decades.

    July 14, 2014
  • mustang man

    Remove his cattle and collect his fees and fines. Arrest him, try him and lock him up for what he and his followers/supporters did and impound his ranch. That is what would happen to any of us that tried the crap he did, Why allow this to go on. It’s a few hours flight time at worst for a couple of attack helicopters to arrive there with a large contingent of armed and prepared Federal law enforcement instead of gun toting BLM rangers. Offer to end it peacefully and arrest them or well its up to them.

    July 14, 2014
  • Callie1982

    They will get Bundy and anyone who attempts to impede that process by using the ATF SWAT Team. They should have sent those guys in to begin sith by air in the middle of the night. This can end without bloodshed and the Feds will collect what Bundy owes even if they have to take his cattle.

    July 14, 2014