Ranch owner uses horses as therapy for abused children

FAIRFAX, Iowa – Some would say there’s a special bond between a horse and its owner.

That’s what Running the Race Horse Ranch President Chris Jordan wants to introduce to the children she serves.

“We call it horse therapy,” Jordan said. “The kids come out and they learn how to ride the horses, take care of them, brush them with the kids side by side the whole time they’re here, make sure that they’re safe.”

Children up to 18 years old can participate. Jordan and volunteers work with the participants, teaching them everything about the horses, and also ministering to them. Jordan said working with horses can have a calming effect.

“We’ve heard from the parents that its really helped build confidence in the kids, it has helped the kids develop a sense of well being and responsibility,” Jordan said. “They kind of go in stages where they’ll just kind of start out brushing and then pretty soon they can ride by themselves, so its really helped with confidence.”

She said she started the ranch as a way to give back.

“I grew up with horses and we spent a lot of time competing with horses as a family. God put it on my heart about five years ago that he wanted us to start a horse camp for kids,” Jordan said.

Volunteer Emmie Rommann has worked with the kids for more than three years, and she said the experience is very rewarding.


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