Habitat for Horses Spring 2015 Fundraiser


[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”0″]Few people understand what it takes to rehabilitate a starved horse. A lack of medical, dental and hoof care, followed by starvation, all come from owner’s neglect for the animals under his/her care. After months without enough food to meet their basic needs, the body’s cells become depleted of energy. If it continues, death will be their only release from the pains of hunger. rescue[/column]
[column size=”1-2″ style=”0″ last=”1″]There’s a lot more to healing a starved horse than caring for the body’s nutritional needs. We work with each horse, as their bodies heal, using gentle techniques to show them that most humans can be trusted. Their skills are assessed and strengthened. Only then are they matched with an adoptive family to go on to lead full, happy lives. rehab[/column]
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For our Spring 2015 Habitat for Horses Fundraiser, we’d like to raise $9000. All of the horses will benefit from this fundraiser. As a special “prize”, we are giving away the right to re-name 3 of the horses in our care. Two of the horses are from the Galveston Island seizure. The other is a mare who came to us pregnant and starving. Unfortunately she lost her baby, but her spirit is strong. The fundraising goal for each horse is $3000. When that horse’s goal is reached, a random person who gave at least $25 in the fundraiser to that horse will win the right to name it. Each horse’s winning supporter will be chosen after that horse’s goal of $3000 is met. Below are the three horses. Click on their image to be taken to their page. From there you will learn more about them, see more pictures, view the goal, see how much has been raised and make you donation to their recovery.

Remember – it isn’t really about who does the most, it’s about caring enough for the horse. A dollar can mean just as much as a thousand dollars when it’s given with love.

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