Pryor Mountain’s Wild Mustangs

  • Represented here in this Video, is Real peace, real serenity , and most of all FREEDOM !!!So beautiful , the little foal can even smell Freedom… There is nothing , nothing that REPRESENTS freedom quite so wonderfully as The Mustangs , they reek Freedom , it seeps from their pores !!! They are truly the The Royal American Ambassadors of FREEDOM……………….

    December 29, 2013
  • Linda Dombeck

    I applaud your mission and would offer assistance if I could, but I must limit myself to helping locally.

    I began learning about the Pryor Mountain Mustangs 10 years ago on the website of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, and have been visiting the Range and the horses ever since. The people involved with the herd and the Center, now and since long before the time of the Cloud movies, are the ones who are responsible for this herd surviving to this point. Don’t get me wrong, Ginger and TCF have done great things, but they are only PART of this herd’s story. You need to educate yourself by looking into the herd’s long history at,, the blog at, etc., to learn the whole story, if you want to make a truly useful contribution to the cause of public education about these horses. This IS a very special herd of horses, and the more people who know ALL about them, the better. But they should get the whole picture, not just part of it.

    Your leading line where you say “Jerry recently did a post about an article on the wild horses of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center”, is misleading at best. There are two adopted mustangs from the herd AT THE CENTER, but the rest are on the WILD HORSE RANGE, which, incidentally, is the first PUBLIC wild horse range in the US in 1968, created as such thru the efforts of the local supporters from Lovell and surrounding area, begun by folks like the Tilletts and Wild Horse Annie. And I don’t believe Ginger and TCF had ANYTHING to do with those two horses being AT THE CENTER. That was accomplished thru efforts of
    the PMWMCenter staff and also contributions from the public. So, anyway, unless the article you referenced was about Stiles and Besa (at the Center), you probably should have said the article was about the wild horses on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse RANGE. And claiming that Ginger and TCF are responsible for these horses still being alive is at best an exaggeration if not a falsehood.

    Best of luck in your endeavors.

    December 29, 2013
    • Linda Dombeck

      It’s hard to proofread these comments in this format, and I see that I left out a couple of words.

      1) I meant to say the PMWHR, “was established” in 1968.
      2)the Range was created as such thru the efforts of the local supporters from Lovell and surrounding area, “WHICH WAS BEGUN” by the Tilletts and Wild Horse Annie. Those are the people we really need to thank for these horses still being alive. 🙂

      December 29, 2013
  • Penny Zielstorf

    Shameful they have been rounded up for just this purpose we the American tax payers have been lied to again. I should not be shocked. Our wild ones are the pure of the pure, no drugs in their systems, I heard a long time back China, Japan, France and all the other sick folks that eat horse was paying top $ for horse meat. They done it to the buffalo, the Native American let’s not forget Wounded Knee and now they will do it to the horse. I love my country but hate the people running it.

    December 30, 2013