Proof That Horses Loves Their Babies Just As Much As People Do!

Its Sunday again – and for this pre-Thanksgiving Sunday here are some cute pictures / videos of Mama horses and their Babies. Adorable. ~ HfH

From: Little Things
By: Julia Rubin

They may have evolved a stoic appearance to make them less appealing to predators in the wild (as scientists suspect), but horses have complex emotions that extend beyond happy and sad, including deep feelings of warmth and love for their young foals.

Don’t listen to the “neigh-sayers,” and if you have to, use these adorable images as proof that horse moms are just as loving and maternal as any other mom! From nuzzling to running side-by-side, horse mamas are most definitely sweethearts.

cute baby horse and Mama

“If you’re feeling shy, you can always hide in my tail.”

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"You will always reign as king of my heart."

“You will always reign as king of my heart.”

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"I think it's pasture bedtime..."

“I think it’s pasture bedtime…”

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  • arlene

    Absolutely touching and adorable

    November 23, 2014
  • The Horses in my Rescue love each other as well. I have given up on trying to re-home a gorgeous 17hh off track Thoroughbred Mare as she turns into a dangerous horse when she gets to her new home. I always warn people that she needs to intimidate people to test them. I am not intimidated by her and I and one other person are able to ride her.

    When she gets back to the Farm she immediately seeks out her BFF and my Senior Quarterhorse gelding.

    Make no mistake, horses are devoted to one another and they show you when they resist being removed from their Herd, no matter how small.

    It is difficult because I pay $1450.00 per Month in Board and then there are the Vet bills. I adore her, as I do all of them, and have resigned myself to having her as a ‘Lifer’ in the Rescue.

    Thanks for a great article!

    November 23, 2014
  • sherriey

    i too have a story that shows how much horses can ‘love’.
    few years ago, my best Appaloosa mare (only 12 yrs old) came down with EPM. I trailered her to Cornell University to be taken care of by some of the best Vet’s in New York state. sadly, that wasn’t enough and I had to make the decision to end her suffering while she was there. the hardest decision i ever had to make.
    she left a 3 month old filly and her BFF, a QH/Saddlebred/Morgan cross. both were devastated with her leaving that night…both screaming and running the fence line. neither eating, just running and screaming for her to come back. the filly and her BFF were in separate pastures. there were other horses also in both pastures. when i got home late that nite i went out to see if i could console either animal. all in vain. the screaming and running were tearing my heart out. the filly had never been out with the other mare, the BFF…but i was desperate to see if i could help them in some way. i finally corralled the filly and got her into the other pasture….i held my breath….i didn’t know what would happen.
    when the BFF saw the filly, she went running to her. the filly stood stock still. the Bff ran her nose over the filly, smelling her friend on the filly’s skin. minutes passed, this all continued…there wasn’t a place on that filly that wasn’t sniffed, nuzzled, caressed. soon….she started licking the filly as if it was her own foal…tho this mare had never been pregnant, never had a foal. the only bad word…squeal…was when the filly tried to nurse on the BFF…no kicks, just a squeal. by morning they were inseparable. like a mother and her foal. that mare raised that filly. they were mother and daughter until i had to put that old mare down. on that day, that filly went to lay on her foster mother’s grave and didn’t leave it for 2 days. i started feeding her there until her grief was spent.
    now…you tell me….do horses have feelings?
    i dare a one that says not!
    i still have the filly. she is 17 years old this year.

    November 23, 2014
  • Robyn Persichitte Gipp

    Love this article and those heart warming pictures.

    November 23, 2014
  • Great story about the foal and I am so glad you have her now at the age of 17! Well done!!!

    I have a Filly who spent most of her life with her Dam. She was inconsolable when I rescued her but my Quarterhorse gelding adopted her immediately. She has put on enough weight to reach her goal, she is in good health, and she and the 23 year old Quarterhorse are inseparable. I have to rescue another gelding soon as mine won’t live forever so she needs another gelding to bond with and protect her.

    How I don’t want to face that eventuality!

    November 24, 2014