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Polly is very sweet yet timid, and now a bit protective and rightfully so. On Christmas morning 2013, as children the world over still foggy from the previous evening’s happy dreams of goodies left by Santa, as weary parents smiled at the sight of little ones clambering to the Christmas tree the night before, shy little Miss Polly reminded us what is truly special about this particular day of the year – the birth of something special. Quietly, and without much fuss Polly brought her special gift to this world…her son, so aptly named…Joseph.

You can adopt both for $200 or once Joseph is weaned, $100 each.

Horse ID : 11-161 • Mare • Adult • Medium
Donkey • Brown & White
Status : Companion • Adoption Fee : $100 • Learn About Adoptions

Call us for more information: 866 434 5737 .
All fees subject to change.
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