Our Paco – a poem by Smokey Culver

Smokey Culver is a nationally known Cowboy Poet. We are fortunate to also have him be a regular volunteer and member of our equine abuse investigative team here at Habitat for Horses. Here is a poem written by Smokey about Paco – Habitat for Horse’s Barnyard CEO:

pacoatthegateOur Paco

The Habitat for Horses is a special kind of place
our guests who come here get a second chance
And Paco is our self-appointed barnyard CEO
you’ll know this little donkey at a glance

If donkeys had a way of smiling, he would surely grin
when anyone takes time to scratch his ears
He’s got the most seniority of any in the herd
He’s been around the ranch a lot of years


Good Mornin’ from Paco!

And when we have a pizza party for the working crew
on springtime days when weather’s really nice
Don’t turn your back cause if you do you’re in for a surprise
ol’ Paco’s surely gonna sneak a slice

While equines have a tendency to pair up with a friend
and hang around together every day
Our Paco doesn’t fit that mold it seems he needs his space
cause Paco is a loner all the way

Paco is Habitat for Horses burro representative

Paco is Habitat for Horses burro representative

Our little donkey mostly white with markings of a paint
and ears that stand up pointed to the sky
He’s always glad to see you and he’ll steal your heart away
our Paco, he is just that kind of guy…

~ Smokey Culver

Be sure to support Paco and all the other equne he officiates over by donating to Habitat for Horses. Click here to donate now.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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