Our newest member…

New Stallion
New Stallion

Eyore greets the newest member of the HFH family.

Going across Texas to rescue horses is a pretty typical day for us. The call came from south Texas. A horse had been seized by law enforcement from a possible drug trade. He is probably a bit older than 5 years of age and gentle for a stallion. After spending several days at the local animal shelter while officers waited to see if anyone would respond to a stolen horse notice, they had to make the decision about what to do with him. Their choices were either auction or us – Habitat for Horses. They made the right choice and gave us a call. If he had gone to auction, the risk of him being going to a slaughter house would have been magnified ten-fold.

  • Barbara W.

    Great news ! Thank you.

    December 13, 2012
  • Eddie

    thank you for saving another one…God bless you and your team.

    December 13, 2012
  • sherriey

    he is beautiful!!!!! what a nice boy. so glad you saved him. he will at least have a happier Christmas then what he may have been destined for. God bless you guys!
    hey….this website is awesome!!!! so easy to navigate and see.

    December 14, 2012
  • BlessUsAll

    Being welcomed by Eyore must make the newbie feel right at home. Bless his happy heart, and bless H4H for this heartwarming story in a season marked by joy, peace, and love. (I can’t see my typed comment on the right-hand side of the box, so I’m hoping for the best!)

    December 14, 2012
  • Bob

    Donna says that ‘rescues’ are especially grateful and make fine companions!
    I know this one is thankful to be at a loving home like HfH. Thanks for all you do.
    PS: Way to go, Eyore!

    December 20, 2012