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gnp1Simply go to our Great Nonprofits page at, take a minute to write a quick review about the good work Habitat for Horses does, and rate Habitat for Horses (5 Stars is the top rating).  Then share this link with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – anywhere you share your love for horses. 

Great Nonprofits is a wonderful organization that helps those wishing to help animals, the community or other causes find an organization to donate to. Perla Ni, the founder of GreatNonprofits, started her non-profit after the terrible tragedy of Katrina. She was a publisher for the Stanford Social Innovation Review when she learned that the journalists, for the publication she worked with, were being asked what the best non-profits in the areas hard hit by Katrina were. They were able to find out from locals of the hurricane ravaged region, which charities were helping them. It was clear that donors for many kinds of causes and prospective volunteers and supporters need this kind of on-the-ground view from the community. Thus GreatNonprofits was born.

Habitat for Horses

Pete thanks you for supporting Habitat for Horses

When you give Habitat for Horses a top rating and a review, you are letting everyone know that Habitat for Horses is trustworthy. We spend every day working hard to save, rehabilitate and find homes for horses that have been neglected or abused. Just a couple of minutes of your time will help us connect with others who share your passion for equine advocacy. Click here to get started.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Margo Nielsen

    My review:
    Habitat 4 Horses has become an essential institution in the welfare of horses and burros/donkeys in this region. They are the ones that law enforcement calls for investigations/evaluations in complaint calls and they ALWAYS respond quickly to calls and provide assistance.
    I have rescued about a dozen horses over the last 15 years, most of whom have been older skinny ones. My first encounter with H4H was when someone called Animal Control about my “starving” horses, who then asked H4H to investigate my horses. I was able to show that I had food and medicine for them and was working with a vet. After the Crash of 2008, I lost my business and I worked part time for a couple of years until I lost my job.
    I asked H4H to take my (3) horses BEFORE they starved because I had no money. Instead, they contacted a hay bank and provided a round bale, a month of food and Bute for the horse with arthritis. I was employed again within two weeks and no longer needed their help, but I stayed in touch with them.
    One time they asked me to investigate someone else in my area (200 miles from their facility) who needed help, which I was glad to do, and reported that they were also good horse owners who were just in a tight spot like I was.
    The horses come and go, always better for having been with H4H, but it is the PEOPLE who work there that are some of the finest human beings I have ever worked with, that get the credit for this wonderful organization!

    June 30, 2015