New robotic equine CT scanner works on moving horses

“The Equimagine robotics-controlled imaging system can be used with a standing and moving horse.”

Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center has added a robotics-controlled CT imaging system for use in standing and moving horses.

Penn Vet is the first veterinary teaching hospital in the world to use the Equimagine system, which provides an unlimited range of motion and unencumbered access to the horse’s entire anatomy, capturing the equine anatomy while the horse is awake, load-bearing, or moving.

Existing computed tomography (CT) systems usually require the horse to be anesthetized, and are limited to the parts of the animal that fit into the cylindrical machines.

The Equimagine system can scan any part of the horse, and the real-time images created with the system far exceeds existing technology. The three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) scans take less than a minute, and are much more detailed than existing technologies.

Dr Barbara Dallap Schaer, Medical Director of New Bolton Center, said the robots could easily move all around the horse in any orientation while the horse is standing. “We can see many parts of the anatomy we’ve never seen before, and do it in a patient that is awake,” she said.

“The possibilities are almost unlimited in terms of the conditions that can be addressed with this system.”



AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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