New Mexico AG’s Office, horse slaughter company trade accusations

This is all rather a moot point since the Federal government would need to budget horse meat inspectors if there was a horse meat processing facility in the US. The budget has been set – and no money is available. ~ HfH

From: Albuquerque Journal
By: Scott Sandlin

horse_meat_new_mexicoThe New Mexico horse slaughter controversy lives on in U.S. District Court, based on activity this month in state court in Santa Fe and federal court in Albuquerque.

Earlier this month, the office of Attorney General Gary King filed pleadings seeking to enforce and modify an injunction entered in the 2013 lawsuit against the Valley Meat Co., which had proposed a horse slaughter operation near Roswell.

The emergency motion said in its opening salvo, “Before the ink on their motion was dry, defendants reneged” on their statement that there were no plans to operate a horse-processing facility.

Valley Meat, Dairy Packing, Mountain View Packing and Ricardo de Los Santos, the attorney general’s Dec. 2 filing says, “simultaneously were busy creating a new shell company, through which they applied for the very same permits to conduct commercial horse slaughter that they had withdrawn only a few weeks earlier.”

The motion asks that any successor company, namely D’Allende Meats of El Paso, be bound by the same terms in the preliminary injunction as Valley Meat and that it be barred it from pursuing permits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the New Mexico Environment Department.

The Santa Fe district court entered an order Jan. 17 barring the companies from pursuing a horse slaughter operation.

The Dec. 2 filing by Assistant Attorney General Ari Biernoff contends Valley Meat and other companies acted with a new “shell” company, D’Allende Meats, and owners Jose Hernandez and Ryoichi Okubo, to sidestep the injunction.

At a minimum, Biernoff suggested, the latest actions by the defendants represent evasion, and at worst “an attempt … to perpetrate a fraud on the court.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Daniel Cordero

    A company registered in a state where horsemeat trade is illegal is attempting to slaughter horses in plant in another one which had it permits withdrawn over unpaid fines and environmental violations in a country where horsemeat is not eaten for a market it cannot access and which has just banned imports of meat coming from said country’s horses. Sounds like a business plan made by the Marx brothers.

    This leads one to wonder what’s the point of Valley/Yonder (that’s what de allende means btw). Was it merely an attack on NM Governor orchestrated by antihorse, “we are ag” bigot types? A money-making Ponzi scheme by certain individuals that were adamantly vocal about horse slaughter but know are silent? A very bad investment by a set of equally inept characters that purchased smoke? I would dare to say the answer is a bit of each of said options.

    I would also offer a free advice to Hernandez/Okubo/Santos: flatten out the place and turn it into a store or a parking lotHere is another: get some professional help for that employee of yours (Sappington).

    December 16, 2014
  • Susan Purcell

    If only human beings would cease exploiting horses for their own base pleasure, such as making them run as fast as possible around three barrels, cinching their internal organs so tight that they buck in agony…I could go on for a long time. Humans regard horses as implements for their own pleasure, not as fellow creatures with needs and thoughts and emotions the same as ours. Exactly the same, just in a different mode of expression. If we humans would come around to realize that we have no right to use any animals in this way, the whole question of these ethical dilemmas would be moot. I had a horse when I was in high school for a brief time. I had a passion for riding them. But as I have grown in empathy, I have realized that we are depriving them of any quality of life at all in removing them from the herds in which they belong. It’s very sad. I hope some day that my fellow humans will come to see the cruel ways that we have had with horses and other domesticated animals and all these terrible issues will be put to rest.

    December 18, 2014