Neglected Horses Seized at Aransas Pass Ranch Receiving Treatment from Habitat for Horses

Neglected Aransas Pass Horses

We could not have saved those 11 horses without your support! From the investigation to the seizure, from the life saving medical treatments to rehabilitation from neglect to finding them new forever homes – Habitat for Horses does not rescue horses alone. When you donate money, you are right there with us preventing another needless death or another day of suffering from neglect and abuse. Click Here to Donate Now. ~ HfH

From: KZTV Channel 10

Horses Seized from Aransas Pass Ranch Receiving Treatment

Neglected Aransas Pass HorsesARANSAS PASS – We’re getting a closer look at those 11 horses seized by Aransas County Animal Control.

Photos released late this afternoon by the rescue group Habitat for Horses tell the story of how the horses were being cared for.

They are emaciated, have worms, their hooves show lack of care, and they did not have proper shelter according to Animal Control.

Some of the horses are in San Patricio County and others went to Bexar County to be nursed back to health.

Aransas County Animal Control has been investigating complaints for months about the horses not being cared for on that ranch.

The owner was hit with a $2,000 fine. Some of the horses he owned were not seized because they appeared to be in good health.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Sue

    “Some of the horses he owned were not seized…” Well, give them 10 days and HfH will be back to take the rest!

    July 17, 2014
  • Angie Friehauf

    What is wrong with the authorities, leaving the ones that “looked good” in the care of some monster that would do that to the other animals?? And a $2,000 fine is supposed to make up for the horrendous neglect of those horses? What a joke.

    July 17, 2014