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Unknown-1(Before I let Sweet Sue have her say in the letter she is sending out to her followers, let me share a few thoughts with you.

From the sunny side – Many years ago I spent a lot of classroom hours studying the various effects of propaganda. If ever there was a course that I would recommend, it would be just that, because a hell of a lot of people believe whatever they are told without giving any thought to the possibility that they are indeed being lied to by others. We are all subject to various forms of propaganda, either from the news media. the government, Wall Street or Madison Avenue. Retrieving little flakes of truth and gathering enough information sometimes allows us to see what is really happening, that is if people really want to know the truth. Sadly, most of the time, people don’t.

Without getting into current politics (and once again, this is NOT the forum for political discussion), animal welfare is one subject that separates people from one another. Be it the use of any animals as a food source or just the use of equine as food, the debate is often extremely vocal, often punctuated with language that would embarrass a Master Sargent. 

The goal of any discussion should be an exchange of ideas and philosophies to the point of arriving at a new level of understanding. The “line in the sand” on a given subject is the give and take. Call it diplomacy or politics, that line should be the most acceptable point between the differences.

With horse slaughter, there is no “acceptable difference.” One side wants to kill and eat, the other side wants to let live and cherish. The “kill and eat” side has been winning the battle for a long time, but lost ground when the US slaughterhouses closed. What they lost was not the ability to kill and eat, but the ability to make money from the process, thus they struck out on a new front – “Bring horse slaughter back to the USA.”

The propaganda dispersed by the kill and eat crowd is filled with the normal lies and bent truths, yet is believed by far too many, including most of those who tend to profit from the slaughter of horses; including any number of ranchers, breeding farms, welfare ranchers on BLM land and, of course, the politicians.

Since we, as the “live and cherish” side, will not accept any compromise, our job then is to keep our combined objections before the public and the politicians. Being quiet does absolutely nothing but give the other side more power. Never giving an inch, always demanding, being in control, accepting no lies and expressing what we consider the “truth” to all who will listen is what will eventually win this battle. 

I love to read the comments many of you post, and I appreciate them more than you may ever realize. “Liking” HfH on Facebook means a lot, also, as well as signing up to receive this newsletter. That is a small part of the race between the sides (Sweet Sue and her group have their own Facebook page and website). Reposting and retweeting important messages and articles is also important, but still not as important as the one action that each of us should be taking every day.

Call the politicians. If they are on our side, thank them time and time again. Every time one of them comes out and says something in favor of the horses, call their office and tell them how much you appreciate it. When some yahoo spouts senseless garbage about “too many horses,” call and tell them that is answer is to stop the breeding, not feed the excess to foreigners.

Bottom line – never stop calling. Make it a habit on your lunch hour. Put the phone numbers on your contact list. Make friends with the aids in the politician’s office.

Even the pure, raw truth can be called “propaganda.” Use it to expose the lies of the Dark Side. Be the ray of sunshine for every equine alive. – Jerry)

June 29, 2013,

Dear Friends of Horses,

Unknown-2Yesterday we couldn’t resist sharing the welcome news that the horse processing industry will once again be able to provide a humane option that provides value and a good use for horses. Today we are privileged to share with you evidence that common sense and sound science has finally prevailed over the vitriolic defamation campaigns of oganizations like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Hand in hand with the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announcement that the horse processing facilities are being granted inspection, FSIS publicized their official response to the HSUS petition for rulemaking that sought to once again ban horse processing.

In their response FSIS categorically and unequivocally denied every single petition request of the radical animal rights group and backed it up with solid facts!

What a refreshing change from the overblown emotional propaganda we have all endured for far too long. FSIS Administrator Al Almanza and his agency are to be commended for their professionalism, their diligence, and their dedication to following the law. In so doing they have given the entire horse industry new hope. We just wish they could have done it two years ago, but we are glad to see it nonetheless.

Now, if we can only hold it…

We’ve made a huge step, and a good one, but I am sure our struggle to improve the welfare of horses, to protect the rights of horse people, and to provide a responsible solution for the long run is far from over. Emotional fundraising is the bread and butter of so-called nonprofits like HSUS. So long as they can foist dollars from generous, kind hearted Americans who love animals by convincing them that all animal based businesses are run by evil monsters who just want to abuse animals…they will continue to do so.

So how do we stop the “lobbying for profit” machine? One way we change it is by telling our own story. When we all stand up and tell the truth, it deprives them of their ability to tell a wrong story about us, and it exposes the hollow fraud that they perpetuate to support their fundraising industry.

Thanks to every one of you for doing your part. Keep it up.

Remember that Congress takes the month of August off to go home, and the campaign season begins. Go to their town hall meetings. Go to their district offices. Find them at ice cream socials, and county fairs, and anywhere else you can and make sure they know that their position for or against the horse industry will make a difference in the votes they receive. Take away the excuse we hear so often that “I understand where you are coming from, but the only people I hear from in my district are opposed to horse slaughter.” Make them hear from YOU.

Another thing you can do is support the organizations that are working the hardest for your best interests like United Horsemen, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to building a better future for horses and horse people, and the Cavalry Group,
a private member-based company dedicated to advancing the constitutional rights of law-abiding animal owners, animal-related businesses, and agricultural concerns. Of course, if you are directly involved in the horse processing industry you should consider becoming a member of the International Equine Business Association. Our mission is to to mutually protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises.

The past month has been a roller coaster with action good and bad on Agriculture Appropriations and the Farm Bill in Washington, D.C. Although we were dismayed by a Congressional lack of courage in some quarters, we were greatly heartened by a coalition of tribes, agricultural organizations, horse industry groups, state and local government entities and some of the finest individuals in Washington D.C. today that stood shoulder to shoulder with us and never lost heart. At the same time our members struggled to slog their way through what seemed like unending hurdles. Now our companies are beefing up their security, hiring well vetted employees, and generally getting ready to go to work. They have customers lined up and waiting both here and abroad. It is a day we’ve long been waiting for.

We will do our best to keep you informed. Watch for alerts and announcements in coming weeks.

I’m guessing the ride is going to get wilder in coming days. As my old bronc riding Daddy would say, “Time to get your holds, set your spurs, and nod for the gate.” Happy Fourth of July!

It feels fine and fitting to have this gate kicked open for us in conjunction with our national celebration of freedom and independence.


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U.S. Chairman

International Equine Business Association



AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • She is speaking to such a small contingent, against the majority wishes of constituents, we can only hope it haunts her to her grave.

    June 30, 2013
  • Ziggy Pope

    The sadist gloats.

    June 30, 2013
    • Ziggy Pope

      Oops, I should have said, the sadist Sue, gloats.

      June 30, 2013
  • Arlene

    Right at the begging she blew it !!!!Friends of Horses, I think NOT!!!! She is addressing Greedy people of horses !!!!!!

    June 30, 2013
  • Arlene

    whoops above should be beginning

    June 30, 2013
    • MorganG

      I think you had it right the first time, “right at the begging” as Sue is still begging to be believed and begging to stuff their coffers in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, this is the one organization they create which might be profitable enough to at least pay their bills.

      June 30, 2013
  • Barbara

    Thank you, Jerry, for your encouragement.

    June 30, 2013
  • Debbie Tracy

    I’m sorry but I can’t read her crap I read what she said in the first one and just skimmed over to the bottom, why torture myself, nothing she has to say interest’s me One eye Oder, it only infuriates me and I am not going to let her do that, instead tomorrow I am calling more and more…. I wonder WHY we have to work so hard to get something so important as this horse slaughter stopped, the facts are so strong and in our face why it needs to stop even if you didn’t like horses one would think that our moral & values in this country would be so strong in what is right and wrong ????? BUT yet we all HAVE to FIGHT so HARD it just does not make any sense to me other than there are TOO MANY HUMAN PREDATORS who love to KILL & DESTROY everything they touch and have the backing to do it…. OMG WHAT is happening to this Country!?!?!?! I WILL never give up hope or trying calling tomorrow everyone else do the same….Thanks for the intro in what you said before the dark side spoke, I needed to hear that….. TY

    June 30, 2013
    • sherriey

      yes, i’m with you, Debbie Tracy! i can’t read it either. yesterday was enough. i couldn’t sleep last nite b/c of it. i can’t put myself thru that again tonite.
      and yes, thanks Jerry for the uplifting comment before her ‘crap’.
      but….regardless…i am still hell-bent on keeping up this fight to stop horse slaughter…like i said before, with me, its personal.

      June 30, 2013
      • Arlene

        Dear sherriey, for me also It is very personal !!!!!!

        July 1, 2013
  • S.Deacon

    That is one sick individual. She makes it sound like a pony ride to slaughter and butcher and be covered in the blood of our once beloved horses screaming in terror as some sick monster stabs their eyes out so they cannot give them trouble as they hoist them up by one hind leg and slit their belly open while they are alive. She is one sick witch. This is only a way for the horse industry .. and that word says it right there.. industry… to get money from their culls as they keep breeding thousands and thousands of horses for a few that they think will win a few ribbons…. Humans are so damn sick. I am sure she will soon be announcing the opening of the dog and cat slaughter houses for their “foreign customers ” that are lining up to bathe in the blood of our companion animals. May they all rot in Hell.

    June 30, 2013
  • karen

    Thanks for posting this Jerry. Sweet Sue has used the old PR tricks of propaganda and spin to make it sound as if horses are a now a commodity no different than cows or chickens. She suggests horse owners will soon be celebrating – when we are done with our Trigger’s and Flicka’s we can get some further value by selling them on the hoof by the pound. Unfortunately for Sue, culture does and will play a role in this debate. Horses have never been raised exclusively as “food” in the US. They may have worked more in past centuries, but they are accepted as “companion” animals by a majority of the population, just as dogs work with humans but as “companions,” as a team, not food. Increasingly in the last twenty years or so, horses have begun to be viewed as “therapy” animals. Linda Kohanov, who is on tour promoting her new book, has elevated horses to a high spiritual level in which they help humans in ways other animals don’t. The USDA may have approved these slaughterhouses but I honestly believe we have the power as activists and animal welfare professionals to remind our politicians that horses have and always should be our companions. No not everyone is fortunate to know a horse personally and many still view them as dumb beasts of burden. However, they have strong advocates like you and me and all your readers and the public who is appalled at the thought that horsemeat might be in their burger. We must remind our politicians that unless they can guarantee horse meat will not enter OUR food chain, that this could end up being a very expensive decision and a PR disaster.

    June 30, 2013
  • MorganG

    I didn’t panic when I first got her email regarding her same tired drivel. The tide has definitely turned and her ilk are being seen for the profit and blood greedy people they are. What investor would spend money either building or upgrading a plant that could be shut down by legislation at any given moment?

    June 30, 2013
  • Carol Lynn Lucas

    She is delusional..sue the sucker

    June 30, 2013
  • Carol Lynn Lucas

    Bloodsucker suits more..for SlaughterHouse Sue

    June 30, 2013
  • Linda Brown

    OMGosh, my stomach just turns at the first statement, “Dear Friends of Horses” ??????
    Friends see to it that those they “love” must end their lives hanging upside down and getting their heads cut off????? Does this group of unhumane 2 legged bodies think that horses worship them and give their lives for them???? For their source of provision?? Since when were we to eat the fatted horse? I do say that the instruction was to eat the fatted calf! We are to be good stewards of what we have been put in charge of and finding a good purpose, for the life a horse has given to us, does not include dieing for any of us or others. I agree Jerry, this is quite some display of propaganda. And she has the gall to call people who support the protection of horses, people in the business of fundraisers? She turns right around and asks for donations for her almighty groups and to sign on to their bloody associations. Gosh, she should go into comedy shows. There’s enough liberals in that world to support her mindset!!!

    July 1, 2013
  • I abhor bloodsucker Sue for all she does and says. It will never end until horse slaughter is ended.Right off she asks for donations to fund her legal battles with the “Animal Rights “

    July 1, 2013
  • I should have added “Contingent” to the above

    July 1, 2013