Merry Christmas, Tumbler

tumbler the horse at christmas
tumbler the horse at christmas

Thought I would make Tumber’s photo more Christmassy…Merry Christmas Tumbler.

Tumbler came to Habitat for Horses two years ago, just a couple of weeks shy of Christmas. A seven year old stallion, he was found underweight and in need of TLC. Tumbler spent the next year gaining his weight back, getting gelded and fitting in nicely with the other horses at the Habitat for Horses Rehab center. It was obvious from his sweet calm nature that he had been well cared for and ridden at some point in his life. This past summer, the trainers at the Habitat for Horse’s ranch brought him in for evaluation in his skills. It was determined that with loving patient training, Tumbler would be a great lead horse for a child. His demeanor was so gentle. The months went on, Tumbler’s training was continued. When his adopter came on the ranch earlier this month, the staff folks knew they would be a perfect fit.

Tumbler went to his forever home just the other day. We cannot be happier for him. Merry Christmas, Tumbler. May your New Year’s Be Bright! If you are interested in adopting a horse for your family, we have plenty to choose from – including minis and burros …and it will definitely make your New Year a brighter one – call us: 409-935-0277 or visit our Horse adoption page where you can find links to pages to browse for your perfect forever family horse! If you have no hay, no barn but a whole lotta heart – think of virtually adopting one of 4 horses who cannot leave our Habitat for Horse’s ranch at this time: Find Out More.

  • MS

    Just Beautiful!

    Thank you …. thank you for all you do for the horses … thank you for giving them good homes, no matter where they are, no matter where they go ….

    December 24, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    I thank you too – it means so much to hear of these wonderful animals that have been through so much that do finally get good loving homes.
    Pleased know that even if I am unable to actually donate or help – my thoughts and prayers are with you & the horses (& burros)

    December 25, 2014