Meet Caspian – he is ready for his new family!

Caspian is a mix of Quarter Horse and Arabian, a handsome flea-bitten grey fellow. He is easy to load and rides in trailers well, maintains weight, has great ground manners and has enjoyed being ridden by our trainers in the past. Caspian is 14.2 hands high and about 960 pounds.It has been a while since he has had someone to ride him on a regular basis, so he is going to need a refresher on his riding skills. Caspian gets along well in the herd, although sometimes he likes go off for some “me time”. He is a very sweet horse who can just be a bit nervous when you first meet him but warms up nicely. Give us a call to find out more information! 866 434 5737


[spacer size=”20″]Caspian - Adoptable Horse[spacer size=”20″]Caspian - Adoptable Horse

  • Callie1982

    If Wishes were Horses then Beggars would Ride! I have rescued a lot of horses and other animals but sometimes a photograph is so interesting it makes me wish I could get a Pony such as Caspian just because I like him, not because he is in Mortal danger.

    I call him a Pony due to his size and he is the perfect weight for an Arabian. Best wishes for him and to his future ‘person’ best wishes to you too!


    May 11, 2015
  • Sue

    He looks totally perfect; I’d love to have him!

    May 11, 2015
  • Daryl

    I hope he is getting a great home, with ones who will love him always, take care of him and he will have a wonderful life.

    May 13, 2015