Medical Maggot Therapy for Horses – Yes…Maggots

sterile maggots

Maggots – GROSS! Yes, but maggots can be used to effectively “clean” wounds. Do not do this without consulting your veterinarian…that should be absolutely understood. WARNING – there are pictures of maggots cleaning a wound on a horse in the actual article! Sensitive folk may feel sick to their stomach upon viewing…. ~ HfH

From: Horse & Man

sterile maggots

Sterile maggots in a container ready for use on an equine wound

Today, the selfless Founder Warrior drove the 5+ hours round trip to help Mama Tess again.

This time she brought the medical maggots.


Well, MT has so much necrotic (dead) and infected material in her left foot from the horrible founder, inflammations and infection/abscesses, we are afraid of an infection migrating to her coffin bone.

We need to get that old, dead tissue out of there so she can heal – instead of her body trying to expel all that by itself and continuing to deform her foot in the process.

Especially since there is less circulation in her hooves due to the founder (remember that awful venogram…). Antibiotics do not reach this area well… and maggots are quicker and less stressful for the horse.

For me, I just want her to get better. Fast. I want the infection to be gone.

So, bring in the little buggers!

These particular maggots are grown in a sterile environment. Their entire goal is to eat necrotic tissue. All of it. Eat, eat, eat. That’s all they do. Eat and grow.

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  • This is not uncommon, it is used on people in Hospitals for patients that have a resistance to Antibiotics. It is a good thing to have available.

    October 25, 2014
  • mustang man

    the old returns as people realize the new is not always the best. My childhood best frinds father was a N Korean prisoner, a field medic and treated his fellow prisnors for serious wounds ( the n koreans didnt provide med care for american prisoners) by hauling them to the outhouses to let the flys light on them to lay eggs,ie maggots. these maggots ate the infected flesh preventing gangreen, saving the mens lives

    October 26, 2014
  • Daniel Cordero

    True. They are frequently used on burns, quite effective indeed where antibiotics can’t reach.

    October 26, 2014