Magnificent Friesian horses (video)

Friesian Horse

Friesian horses were originally bred in the Netherlands from the light draft horse. Very popular during the Middle Ages when armor was heavy, the Friesian almost became extinct. Now as riders have generally become heavier, this handsome breed is back in demand. Enjoy! ~ HfH

Friesian Horse

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Too magnificent not to send on, you’ll love the music as well, beautifully played. These horses were originally bred as “war horses” in the days of knights and armor. As armor got heavier, bigger horses were needed and the Friesian almost became extinct. They are back and are one of the most beautiful horses in stature as well as gait.What gorgeous animals!! Just watching them becomes an emotional experience. Can you imagine what it would be like to ride one? Their manes and tails are the longest that I have seen and I noticed that when performing on grass, their hoofs do not kick up a divot, as they land flat footed. Creatures such as these are what makes this world so special. These horses are native to the Netherlands. Have your audio on.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Sue

    Tear producing beautiful, especially the boy in that green field, running by himself. Thanks for brightening my evening.

    December 22, 2014
  • Margo Nielsen

    What a pleasure to watch! I have a friend who rides his bike with his Arabian on a lead, much longer than here. It’s a lot of fun to travel with your horse that way.

    December 23, 2014
  • arlene

    The Most Beautifuk Regal, and gentle bred in the world my favorites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,th best riding horse ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ThankYou JF for sharing his beauty and regalness to all here ………………………………

    December 23, 2014
  • cat

    I have been owned by friesian horses since 1995. They are kind, honest, gentle and intelligent beings. Loved this video and Cally always captures the noblility and spirit of the friesians. But My love for the friesian breed does not diminish my love for ALL horses.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video!!

    December 28, 2014