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Vocabulary II: Horse Tack

habitat for horses goldie with tack on
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Back Cincha: This keeps the back part of the saddle in place.

Billet: The strap that attaches the cincha or girth to the saddle.

Bit: The mouthpiece held in place by the bridle that is used to communicate directions to the horse.

Breast Collar: The piece of equipment that runs from the saddle around the chest of the horse to keep the saddle from sliding backwards.

Bridle: Is made up of the headstall, bit and reins – they are the pieces of equipment used to guide the horse.

Cantle: The back part of the saddle.

Cincha:The piece of equipment that holds the saddle in place. Also called a cinch and it is called a girth in English Riding Style tack.

Curb Strap: The piece of equipment that helps keep the bit in the horse's mouth for better control.

Fender Hobble: Also known as cinch hobble – a piece of rigging equipment that is a strap that goes under the horse's belly to help hold the saddle in place.

Headstall: The part of the bridle that fits over the horses head.


Horn: The front of the saddle that sticks up.

Latigo: The strap that secures the cincha to the saddle.

Noseband: The part of the bridle that goes over the horse's nose.

Reins: A pair of long thin straps that attaches to a horse's bit so the rider can communicate with the horse to give directions.

Saddle:The piece of equipment the rider sits on the horse with. Generally made of leather and wood or synthetic material.

Saddle bags: Bags that attach to the back of the saddle. They are generally made of leather or synthetic material.

Saddle Blankets: They are blankets, pads or fabric used to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle and to help protect the horse's back from the saddle rubbing on it.

Seat: The part of the saddle where the rider sits.

Stirrup: The piece of equipment that holds a rider's feet. They come in pairs and attach to the sides of the saddle. Riders use the stirrups to mount the horse and to aid them to stay in the saddle and control the horse.

Throat Latch: The part of the bridle that goes under the horse's throat.

Tie Down: A strap that connects the bridle to the breast collar.