Job Opportunities at Habitat for Horses

Job Opportunities at Habitat for Horses

Professional Trainer
At Habitat for Horses we do our best to offer healthy, happy and trained horses to those looking to adopt a horse for riding. Our training facility in Alvin, just west of Pearland, needs one professional trainer for both English and Western and to oversee a riding staff of no more than five.

We are searching for a trainer with at least five years of professional training experience, who uses ONLY gentle, positive reinforcement training methods and has outstanding communication and organizational skills.

We have an endless supply of horses that need your perfect touch so they can move on to new homes. Pay will be based on your ability. We have all the perks, we just need your talent to get the horses trained and into new homes.

Since we work so closely with law enforcement, we require a fairly clean record. You need a current Texas Driver’s License with minimal violations, reliable transportation and you need to live close to Alvin. We don’t provide housing. Pre-employment drug testing required.

Ranch opportunities in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston.

Office opportunities in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston.

We are always on the lookout for a few great people, both in the office and on our ranches. The work is unique, the animals are special and we want folks who both know and understand the special connection our animals need.

We’ve changed a lot over the years, done away with the old concept of paying minimum wage without any benefits. Along the way we’ve found a few great people who believe in what we do, who have struggled along with us and helped the organization advance far beyond those early years.

Today’s needs are far different than even just a few years ago. The team members we are searching for are fast-thinking, mature, extremely dependable people with a true understanding of horses and donkeys.


For our ranch location:

Everyone at our ranch are involved hands-on with everything having to do with the rehabilitation and retraining of both horses and donkeys. On a normal day you can expect to be involved in assisting law enforcement, building fences, transporting, feeding, hay distribution, grooming, training and poop scooping. Cold winds, blazing hot days, massive rains – nothing stops our ranch folks from delivering the best of care.

Tell us about your experience working around horses and donkeys in your initial email to us. Tell us about any additional skills you might have, like carpentry, electrical and/or mechanical skills for backhoes and tractors. If you are a veteran or play the guitar, we’d like to know that as well.

Since we work so closely with law enforcement, we require a fairly clean record. You need a current Texas Driver’s License with minimal violations, reliable transportation and you need to live close to one of our ranches. We don’t provide housing.

The Office Positions

Our office is in Alvin, just south of Houston. If you have amazing office skills, know Quickbooks inside and out, have wonderful people skills and truly know and love horses and donkeys, we seriously want to talk with you. Additional skills, such as social media, PR work, being at ease doing presentations and some sales background are all pluses. 

Our employees are here because they love the work. We’re touching the lives of people and giving hope to the horses we bring through our gates. At times it can become very emotional, but you’ll find support and guidance when you need answers, just as we will be depending on your creativity and positive attitude to keep things under control.
Justin Doherty, with Habitat for Horses, leads one of 27 horses seized Wednesday in Jamaica Beach to a trailer to be taken to Habitat for Horses in Hitchcock.

What we offer in return

Our starting pay is $10 per hour with raises as you learn or demonstrate your skills and become a great team member. Show us that you are worth more and the raises come quickly.


We offer medical, dental, vision and life insurance after 60 days. Habitat for Horses pays half of the health insurance premium. 

Because we want our great team members to stay, we offer a terrific 401K retirement program. Plus we supplement your 401K by adding to each dollar you save!

But the great part is the Profit Sharing Program, which is unique in the horse rescue world. Our adoption fees are placed in a pool and distributed into each employee’s 401K program after the end of the year. Everyone working at the end of the year that qualifies shares an equal amount of the distribution of the adoption fees.

It doesn’t matter if you’re manager or scoop poop in the back 40, everyone gets an equal part of the adoption fees – because everyone worked towards the one goal of returning each animal to a state of health and preparing it for a new home.

We want happy, involved co-workers. We’re doing it for the horses and donkeys. By sharing that belief, we can do miracles.


What’s the next step?

Send us an email. If you have a resume’, great, just attach it. If not, write what is normally on an application, like your name, DOB, phone number, address, and tell us about your experience.

Resume’ or not, tell us about yourself. Of course, your email makes the first impression, so write well, check your spelling and really tell us about yourself. We’re searching for outstanding people to help us with our truly outstanding horses and donkeys. Let us hear from you.

We’ll let you know about interview times and opportunities.

Send your email to: