In Loving Memory of Anne Marie Finch


anniemarieAnne Marie Finch left our world, along with her two dogs, in a fire at her ranch in Kentucky. Her loss comes as a tragic shock to everyone who knew her. There is no understanding the event, no logic in attempting to reason how or why, which makes it all the harder to accept. No one was “just a friend” in her world. Once she smiled, once her eyes met yours, she was a close friend, a friend you trusted, respected and loved.

Anne Marie was on our Board of Directors and acted as our Treasurer. Her values were reflected in our actions, her moral strength gave weight to our decisions. She questioned, as excellent attorneys and great Board members should do, and she gave of herself with a rare and unique level of love and compassion. Above all else, she was here because of her love of horses, and they returned her love, as did her two favorite dogs.

Words will never convey the depth of sadness so many feel at her loss. More than anyone, her greatest love, closest friend and husband, Lloyd Schwing, must deal with unfathomable grief. Our prayers are given to him as our hands and hearts reach out to help in any way possible.

While she left our physical world, she is very much a part of our spiritual world, a world where special angels watch over those who are left behind.

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