I bet your horse is cute enough…

…to be in our Summer Photo Contest! Deadline for submitting your horse’s picture is coming up fast! This photo contest isn’t just for horses, but donkeys, mules and minis – all our equine friends love being outdoors! And who doesn’t like having their picture taken? Well sometimes Paco the Donkey will look at us saying “Please, I have had a chance to eat breakfast yet”. The deadline is July 15th. This weekend would be a great time to take a moment, snap a beautiful picture of your horse and enter the contest. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter, it is free to enter, and this contest will help raising funds for all our equine friends here at Habitat for Horses recovering from abuse, starvation and neglect.

"I am ready for my picture!"  ` Paco

“I am ready for my picture!” ` Paco

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Posted by Habitat for Horses

    Correction – July 15th is the deadline!

    July 10, 2015