Horses, scientists and the search for an effective autism treatment

As of yet, there is not a definitive approach to helping children in the Autistic spectrum. Horses are now more widely used in a variety of therapies. Including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions such as we have at Habitat for Horses. The gifts that horses can give need to be looked into and made of use – especially for those born with autism. ~ HfH

From: Australia
By: Lynne Malcolm and Diane Deane

autismAuthor Rupert Isaacson has pioneered the Horse Boy method, an alternative treatment for autistic children which involves getting them to interact with horses. Scientists and autism campaigners, however, say the method is unscientific, unproven and peddling false hope. Lynne Malcolm and Diane Deane report.

Rupert Isaacson is confident about the psychological power of horses, and how that power might be used to help people suffering from autism. He’s confident about it because his son Rowan has the disorder, and after trying to reach out him in a number of ways, Mr Isaacson noticed a special interaction between Rowan and a horse called Betsy.

‘We tried everything. He didn’t speak to us,’ says Mr Isaacson. ‘One day he ran away from me and ran right up to a horse called Betsy. The moment I put Rowan on Betsy’s back he began to speak. And a light bulb went on in my head … was there a place on earth that combined healing with horses? Mongolia.’

Nicole Rogerson, the CEO of Autism Awareness Australia, also has an autistic son—Jack, who’s now 18. She remembers receiving the devastating news of his diagnosis when he was three and a half years old.

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