Illegal dumpers causing danger for horses on country roads

A horse owner is calling for flytippers to stop their illegal dumping after claiming her animals were put at risk by the waste.

Gill Wilson, from Silksworth, has her horses Charlie and Bailey in stables at Haverley House Farm in Seaton, Seaham.

The 48-year-old is calling for a stop to flytipping in the village, which is being blighted as its isolated lanes and fields are used as a dumping ground.

Gill said: “I was out on Charlie the other day and because of all the bags of rubbish he was scared.


“As we were approaching it, he jumped and went down the side of the verge and almost went down the side of the ditch.

“I just stopped him in time, but it could have been worse.

“There’s so many things which could cause damage around there.

“I’ve seen smashed bottles, concrete, metal, all sorts. It’s like running the gauntlet.


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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